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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Building the sustainable organization: an integrated approachPerrott, B
2014Building thermal performance and the urban heat island : optimization in temperate zonesCastro Aguilar, JL
1-Jul-2010Building User Communities of Interests by Using Latent Semantic AnalysisXu, G
Jan-2007Bulk and surface plasmons in highly nanoporous gold filmsMaaroof, AI; Gentle, AR; Smith, G; Cortie, MB
1-Oct-2011Bulk metamaterials made of resonant ringsMarqués, R; Jelinek, L; Freire, MJ; Baena, JD; Lapine, M
20-Oct-2012Bulk regeneration of optical fiber Bragg gratings.Shao, L-Y; Wang, T; Canning, J; Cook, K; Tam, H-Y
Jan-2005Bullying and harassment in perioperative settingsGilmour, D; Hamlin, L
Jan-2010Bullying as circuits of power: an Australian nursing perspectiveHutchinson, M; Vickers, M; Jackson, DE; Wilkes, L
Jan-2014Bums on Seats: Attendance trends in culture and sportSchlenker, K; Foley, CT; Edwards, DC; Veal, AJ
Jan-2004Bundled competencies, configuration and activity systems: understanding the basis for competitive advantage in ING DirectDunford, R; Palmer, IC; Benveniste, J; Elkin, G
2006Buoyancy studies in natural communities of square gas-vacuolate archaea in saltern crystallizer pondsOren A; Pri-El N; Shapiro O; Siboni, N
2015A burden of knowledge; A qualitative study of experiences of neonatal intensive care nurses concerns when keeping information from parents.Green, JA; Darbyshire, P; Jackson, D
Jan-2011Burden versus benefit: Continuing nurse academics' experiences of working with sessional teachersPeters, K; Jackson, DE; Andrew, S; Halcomb, E; Salamonson, Y
Jan-2003Burdened by Proof: How the Australian Refugee Review Tribunal has failed lesbian and gay asylum seekersDauvergne, C; Millbank, J
Jan-2003Bureaucracy, power and ethicsClegg, SR; Stokes, JR; Bishop, P; Connors, C; Sampford, C
Jan-2003Bureaucracy, power and ethicsClegg, SR; Stokes, JR; Bishop, P; Connors, C; Sampford, C
Mar-2015Burial Level Change Defines a High Energetic Relevance for Protein Binding Interfaces.Li, Z; He, Y; Wong, L; Li, J
Jan-2009Burnie Makers' WorkshopReinmuth, G; Balmforth, S; Blythe, R
Jan-2008Burnout and Organizational Factors: A Study of Chinese Nurses in ChinaJiang, L; Wang, KY; Crawford, JD
5-May-2016Burnt Houses and the Haunted Home: Reconfiguring the ruin in AustraliaSchlunke, K