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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Bond Behavior Of Reinforcement In Conventional And Self-compacting ConcreteAslani, F; Nejadi, S
1-Jan-2012Bond characteristics of steel fiber and deformed reinforcing steel bar embedded in steel fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete (SFRSCC)Aslani, F; Nejadi, S
Jan-2012Bond Characteristics of Steel Fiber Reinforced Self-Compacting ConcreteAslani, F; Nejadi, S
Jan-2012Bond Constitutive Relationship for Steel Fiber Reinforced Self-Compacting ConcreteAslani, F; Nejadi, S; Cairns, JW; Metelli, G; Plizzari, GA
Jan-2012Bond of deformed reinforcing steel bars embedded in steel fiber reinforced self-compacting concreteNejadi, S; Aslani, F; Cairns, JW; Metelli, G; Plizzari, GA
Jan-2011Bond performance of strand and wire in early age concreteSofi, M; Mendis, P; Baweja, D; Elvira, E; Khrapko, M; Wallevik, O
Mar-2013Bonding promotion of resin composite to silica-coated zirconia implant surface using a novel silane system.Matinlinna, JP; Choi, AH; Tsoi, JK-H
-Bone HouseBurke, AJ; Anthony Burke
Jan-2002Bone marrow B cell apoptosis during in vivo influenza virus infection requires TNF-alpha and lymphotoxin-alpha.Sedger, LM; Hou, S; Osvath, SR; Glaccum, MB; Peschon, JJ; van Rooije, N; Hyland, L
Nov-2012Bone microarchitecture at oral implant sites in ectodermal dysplasia (ED): a comparison between males and females.Silthampitag, P; Klineberg, I; Austin, B; Jones, AS
Sep-2014Bone mineral density and association of osteoarthritis with fracture risk.Chan, MY; Center, JR; Eisman, JA; Nguyen, TV
2005Bone mineral density measurements and the development of patient selection criteria for patients requiring hip resurfacing surgeryCordingley, RL
Jan-2014Bone regeneration of calvarial defect using marine calcareous-derived beta-tricalcium phosphate macrosphereChou, J
Jan-2013Bone regeneration of rat tibial defect by zinc-tricalcium phosphate (Zn-TCP) from porous Foraminifera carbonate macrospheresChou, J; Hao, J; Kuroda, S; Bishop, DP; Ben-Nissan, B; Milthorpe, BK; Otsuka, M
Jan-2003Bone resorption is affected by follicular phase length in female rotating shift workers.Lohstroh, PN; Chen, J; Ba, J; Ryan, LM; Xu, X; Overstreet, JW; Lasley, BL
Jan-2012Book Recommendation Based On Joint Multi-Relational ModelShangguan, Q; Hu, L; Cao, J; Xu, G; Liu, J; Chen, J; Xu, G
Mar-2006Book Review - Australian Indigenous Knowledge and LibrariesUnderhill, K
2016Book Review of R Howard-Hassman and M Walton-Roberts(eds), The Human Right to Citizenship: A Slippery Concept (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015)Opeskin, B
2012Book review: Fifty Years of Invasion Ecology: The Legacy of Charles EltonMurray, BR
19-Feb-2016Book review: Perspectives on Australian Local Government Reform edited by Brian Dollery and Ian TileyGrant, BJ