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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008BEST EN case studies: Innovation for sustainable tourismCarlsen, J; Edwards, DC
1-Apr-2016The best of times and the worst of times: A new best-worst measure of attitudes toward public transport experiencesBeck, MJ; Rose, JM
1-Nov-2014The Best of Times and the Worst of Times: A New Measure of Attitudes Towards Public Transport Experiences.Beck, MJ; Rose, J
Jan-2005The best of times, the worst of times: Community sector advocacy in the age of compactsCasey, JP; Dalton, BM; Armstrong, A
Jan-2006The best of times, the worst of times: Community-sector advocacy in the age of 'compacts'Casey, JP; Dalton, BM
Jan-2009A Best Practice Approach to Culture Competence TrainingFarrelly, T; Carlson, B
May-2018Best practice in clinical simulation education - are we there yet? A cross-sectional survey of simulation in Australian and New Zealand undergraduate nursing educationBogossian, F; Cooper, S; Kelly, M; Levett-Jones, T; McKenna, L; Slark, J; Seaton, P
26-Aug-2016Best practice in leading research and evaluation for interprofessional education and collaborative practiceForman, D; Thistlethwaite, J
Jan-2008Best Practice Interpretation Research for Sustainable TourismWearing, SL
Jan-2007Best practice interventions to improve the management of older people in acute care settings: a literature reviewHickman, L; Newton, PJ; Halcomb, E; Chang, E; Davidson, PM
Jan-2010Best practice or business as usual? Whose interests are served by the engineering science paradigm?Goldsmith, R; Reidsema, C; Campbell, D; Gardner, A; Jolly, L
11-Jun-2015Best supportive care in clinical trials: review of the inconsistency in control arm design.Nipp, RD; Currow, DC; Cherny, NI; Strasser, F; Abernethy, AP; Zafar, SY
Jan-2002Best value approaches to infrastructure management: for the good of the community or shareholders?Callender, GC; Johnston, J; Delener, N; Chao, C
2002Best Views: Inside the classes and ideals of accomplished art teachersBamford, A
Jan-2002Best Views: Inside the classes and ideals of accomplished art teachersBamford, A
Jan-2013Best Worst Discrete Choice Experiments in Health: Methods and an ApplicationLancsar, E; Louviere, JJ; Currie, G; Donaldson, C; Burgess, LB
Jan-2010The best-worst method for the study of preferences: Theory and ApplicationMarley, AA; Frensch, PA; Schwarzer, R
Jan-2011Best-Worst Scaling Approach to Predict Customer Choice for 3PL ServicesColtman, T; Devinney, TM; Keating, B
Jan-2008The Best-Worst Scaling Approach: An Alternative to Schwartz's Values SurveyLee, J; Soutar, G; Louviere, JJ
Jan-2011Best-worst scaling vs. discrete choice experiments: An empirical comparison using social care dataPotoglou, D; Burge, P; Flynn, TN; Netten, AP; Malley, JN; Forder, J; Brazier, JE