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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012CCS for Industrial SourcesFennell, PS; Florin, N; Napp, TA; Hills, TP
Jan-2009CD40 and OX40 ligand are differentially regulated on asthmatic airway smooth muscleKrimmer, D; Loseli, M; Hughes, JM; Oliver, BG; Moir, LM; Hunt, NH; Black, JL; Burgess, JK
Jan-2012CD86+ or HLA-G+ can be transferred via trogocytosis from myeloma cells to T cells and are associated with poor prognosisBrown, R; Kabani, K; Favaloro, J; Yang, S; Ho, PJ; Gibson, J; Fromm, P; Suen, H; Woodland, NB; Nassif, N; Hart, D; Joshua, D
Jan-2012CD: A Coupled Discretization AlgorithmWang, C; Wang, M; She, Z; Cao, L; Tan, PN; Chawla, S; Ho, CK; Bailey, J
Jan-2008Celebration of Another Nation?: Australia's Bicentenary in BritainCrawford, R
2006Celebrations for personal and collective health and wellbeingHilbers, J
1-Nov-2015Celebrity PhilanthropyJeffreys, E; Allatson, P; Jeffreys, E; Allatson, P
15-Dec-2015Celebrity Philanthropy :AfterwordAllatson, P; Jeffreys, E; Jeffreys, E; Allatson, P
15-Dec-2015Celebrity Philanthropy in China and the Zhang Ziyi ScandalJeffreys, E; Jeffreys, E; Allatson, P
15-Dec-2015Celebrity Philanthropy: An IntroductionJeffreys, E; Allatson, P; jeffreys, E; Allatson, P
Jan-2010Celebrity Philanthropy: The Cultivation of China's HIV/AIDS HeroesHood, J; Jeffreys, E; Edwards, L
Jan-2006Celebrity privacy and benefits of simple historyRichardson, M; Hitchens, LP; Kenyon, AT; Richardson, M
Jan-2010Celebrity/ChinaJeffreys, E; Edwards, LP; Jeffreys, E; Edwards, L
Jan-2007Cell And Gene Therapy In AustraliaMartiniello-Wilks, R; Rasko, J
2008Cell division in Bacillus subtilis : new insights from an old mutantMonahan, LG
Jan-2005Cell division in bacillus subtilis: FtsZ and FtsA association is Z-ring independent, and FtsA is required for efficient midcell Z-ring assemblyJensen, SO; Thompson, L; Harry, L
2014Cell division in Staphylococcus aureus : protein-protein interactions and super-resolution microscopyLiew, ATF
Jan-2005Cell division protein DivIB influences the Spo0J/Soj system of chromosome segregation in Bacillus subtilisReal, G; Autret, S; Harry, L; Errington, J; Henriques, AO
Jan-2009Cell Immobilised FOG-Trap System for Fat, Oil, and Grease Removal from Restaurant WastewaterNisola, G; Cho, E; Shon, H; Tian, D; Chun, D; Gwon, E; Chung, W
Jan-2002A cell loss upper bound for heterogeneous ON-OFF sources with application to connection admission controlMao, G; Habibi, D