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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Brand valuation in accordance with GAAP and legal requirementsFischer, M; Stewart, DW; Gugel, CT
Jan-2004Branding Cities: a case study of collaborative methodologies in Cultural, Film and Marketing researchDonald, SJ; Gammack, JG; Not available
Jan-2006The Branding of Austrailan Cricket: Culture, Commerce, Cricket and the Baggy Green CapCashman, R
1-Sep-2013A brave new creativityWelch, D; Loy, J
Jan-2009'Brave new world' or 'sticky wicket'? Women, management and organizational power in Cricket AustraliaStronach, MM; Adair, D
Jan-2002A brave new world? Small special interest tour operators & internet based market research and marketingPonting, J; McDonnell, IG; Changchong, L; Chon, K; Zhang, HQ; Yanjun, X
1-Jan-2015Brave new world? The global financial crisis' impact on Scandinavian banking's sales rhetoric and practicesForseth, U; Røyrvik, EA; Clegg, S
1-Jul-2016Breakaway oxidation behaviour of ferritic stainless steels at 1150 °C in humid airCheng, X; Jiang, Z; Monaghan, BJ; Wei, D; Longbottom, RJ; Zhao, J; Peng, J; Luo, M; Ma, L; Luo, S; Jiang, L
Apr-2013Breaking bad news in stroke rehabilitation: a consultation with a community stroke team.Phillips, J; Kneebone, II; Taverner, B
Jan-2010Breaking down professional barriers: Medicine and pharmacy students learning togetherAjjawi, R; Thistlethwaite, J; Williams, K; Ryan, G; Seale, PJ; Carroll, P
Jan-2011Breaking Down the Sense of 'Us and Them'Te Riele, K; Bottrell, D; Goodwin, S
Jan-2009Breaking down the system: How volunteer tourism contributes to new ways of viewing commodified tourismWearing, SL; Ponting, J; Jamal, T; Robinson, M
Jan-2010Breaking Out of the Package: Educating literacy and numeracy teachers with agencyYasukawa, K
Jan-2013Breaking the boundaries: liberation or breach of trust?Johnston, RR
1-Feb-2016Breaking The Cycle For Incarcerated Parents: Towards Pro-Social Parenting Final ReportRossiter, C; Fowler, C; Power, T; Roche, M; Jackson, D; Dawson, A
2015Breaking the measurement and evaluation deadlock: A new approach and modelMacnamara, J
Jan-2013Breaking the rules: the secret of successful volunteering in a caring role.Onyx, J; Kramer, M; Lewis, L; Gossett, L
Jan-2004Breaking the spell of the uninvited godmotherVeil, C; SaunderS, SD; Hunt, A; Van Onna, M; Kavanagh, D
1-Mar-2015Breaking up is hard to do: the costs of de-amalgamation of the Delatite Shire CouncilDrew, J; Dollery, B
Jan-2012Breaking up is hard to do: why disinvestment in medical technology is harder than investmentHaas, MR; Hall, JP; Viney, RC; Gallego, G