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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010A capillary electrophoresis method for the determination of selected biogenic amines and amino acids in mammalian decomposition fluidSwann, LM; Forbes, SL; Lewis, SW
Mar-2016Capillary-driven microfluidic paper-based analytical devices for lab on a chip screening of explosive residues in soil.Ueland, M; Blanes, L; Taudte, RV; Stuart, BH; Cole, N; Willis, P; Roux, C; Doble, P
Jan-2007Capital Access of Nonprofit OrganisationsLyons, MJ; North-Samardzic, A; Young, AL
13-Jun-2016Capital as power and the corporatisation of educationKivisto, H
Jan-2006Capital asset pricing for markets with intensity based jumpsPlaten, E; Grossinho, MR; Shiryaev, AN; Esquivel, ML; Oliveira, PE
14-Dec-2015Capital Gains Tax for Real Property: Why is this tax system so complicated?Antoniades, H
Jan-2010Capital gains taxation and shareholder wealth in takeoversBugeja, M; Da Silva Rosa, R
2010Capital gains taxes and the market response to public informationOdat, M
Jan-2012Capital incentives and adequacy for securitizationsRoesch, D; Scheule, H
Jan-2009Capital markets regulation: How can accounting research contribute ?Taylor, SL
Jan-2006Capital Punishment: The Fragmentation of the Colombian Nation-state and Global CapitalismBrowitt, J; Kingstone, PR
Jan-2006Capital Region Climate Change Forum: Citizens' ReportRiedy, C; Atherton, AM; Lewis, J
Jan-2006Capital Reintegration into Supply Chains and its Implications for Labour LawRawling, MJ
Jan-2013Capital structure and stock returns: Evidence from an emerging market with unique financing arrangementsAl-Yahyaee, K; Pham, TM; Walter, TS
Jan-2001Capitalisation and Intangibles: a Review of Current Practice and the Regulatory FrameworkWyatt, A; Matolcsy, ZP; Stokes, D
Jan-2006Capitalized intangibles and financial analystsMatolcsy, ZP; Wyatt, A
2004Capitalizing Asian Studies: Critical Scholarship and the Production of Knowledge in a Globalizing WorldOakes, T
Jan-2008CAPM and option pricing with elliptically contoured distributionsHamada, M; Valdez, EA
Jan-2013The CAPM: Theoretical validity, empirical intractability and practical applicationsBrown, PR; Walter, TS
Jan-2013Capsule-free fluid delivery and beam-induced electrodeposition in a scanning electron microscopeRandolph, S; Botman, A; Toth, M