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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2017Beyond Frame-level CNN: Saliency-Aware 3-D CNN with LSTM for Video Action RecognitionWang, X; Gao, L; Song, J; Shen, H
Jul-2017Beyond hand hygiene: a qualitative study of the everyday work of preventing cross-contamination on hospital wards.Hor, S-Y; Hooker, C; Iedema, R; Wyer, M; Gilbert, GL; Jorm, C; O'Sullivan, MVN
Jan-2003Beyond Homogeny and HeterogenyPennycook, AD; Christian Mair
Jan-2006Beyond information seeking towards a general model of information behaviour.Godbold, NJ
10-Jul-2014Beyond IWRM: Developing Territorial Intelligence at the Local Scales.Plant, RA; Maurel, P; Barreteau, O; Bertacchini, Y; Squires, VR; Milner, HM; Daniell, KA
2015Beyond Nostalgia: Identity work in corporate alumni networksBardon, T; Josserand, EL; Villeseche, F
Jan-2013Beyond Olympic Legacy: Understanding Paralympic Legacy Through a Thematic AnalysisMisener, L; Darcy, SA; Legg, D; Gilbert, K
Jan-2004Beyond plagiarism: transgressive and nontransgressive intertextualityPennycook, AD
Jan-2005Beyond Planning and Architecture: the Urban Project in SydneyCantrill, PJ; Thalis, P
Jan-2008Beyond Planning: Sydney's Knowledge Sector DevelopmentSearle, GH; Pritchard, WN; Yigitcanlar, T; Velibeyoglu, K; Baum, S
Jan-2002Beyond postmodernismJohnston, RR
Jan-2008Beyond profession: Nursing leadership in contemporary healthcareSorensen, R; Iedema, RA; Severinsson, E
Jan-2005Beyond Recycling - An Integrated Waste Management Framework for Local Government - Part A: Developing an Integrated Waste Management Strategy and Empowering the CommunityWhite, S; Cordell, DJ
Jan-2004Beyond Recycling - An Integrated Waste Management Framework for Local Government - Part B: Recycling in Context - the Current SituationWhite, S; Cordell, DJ
2007Beyond simulacrum : the model as three-dimensional post factum documentationMacken, ME
9-Aug-2014Beyond Speculation: A Holistic Investigation into Factors Affecting Social Media Utilisation in the WorkplaceAuon, C; Chew, EK; Vatanasakdakul, S
Jan-2006Beyond Streams and Graphs Dynamic Tensor AnalysisSun, J; Tao, D; Faloutsos, C; Ungar, L; crave, M; Gunopulos, D; Eliasi-Rad, T
Jan-2013Beyond Symbolism:Indigenous Peoples In An Australian RepublicBehrendt, LY; Jones, BT; McKenna, M
4-Jul-2016Beyond the Bauhaus: Cultural Modernity in Breslau, 1918-1933Barnstone, D
Jan-2011Beyond the ceiling effect: Using a mixed methods approach to measure patient satisfactionAndrew, S; Salamonson, Y; Everett, B; Halcomb, E; Davidson, PM