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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Can threatened species survive where the top predator is absent?Wallach, A; Murray, B; O'neill, A
Jan-2008Can Trend Followers Survive in the Long-Run? Insights from Agent-Based ModelingHe, X; Hamill, P; Li, Y; Brabazon, A; O'Neill, M
4-Apr-2017Can urban forestry really reduce air pollution? A field study on a city scale.Irga, PJ; Torpy, FR
Jan-2012Can Volunteers Collect Data that are Comparable to Professional Scientists? A Study of Variables Used in Monitoring the Outcomes of Ecosystem RehabilitationGollan, JR; de Bruyn, LL; Reid, N; Wilkie, L
1-Oct-2016Can We Detect Transfusion Benefits in Palliative Care Patients?To, THM; To, LB; Currow, DC
Jan-2004Can we do it better next time? a critical view of the effectiveness of Australian VET policies of the 1990's and the need for policy changeCornford, IR; Searle, J; McKavanagh, C; Roebuck, D
1-Apr-2014Can we explain variations in winery ratings in Victoria?Grant, BJ; Fleming, E; Mounter, S
2015Can We Integrate Land-use And Transport Planning? An Investigation Into The Use Of Travel Planning In RegulationWynne, LE; Brebbia, CA; Miralles, JL
Jan-2010Can we make affordable, accessible housing financially feasible in Sydney?MacDonald, HI; Dixon, J; Dupuis, A; Lysnar, P
Jan-2007Can we make sense of knowledge management's tangible rainbow? A radical constructivist alternativeRay, T; Clegg, SR
8-Jan-2013Can We Move From A Nation Which Only Pays Women Slightly More Than 80 Percent Of...Price, J
Jan-2005Can we sustain primary science and technology education in school systems by casting teachers as e-designers? The DESCANT-SciTech projectSchaverien, LR; Stevens, R; McCloughan, G; Needham, K; Fleming, R; Forsyth, L; Jeffrey, P
Jan-2008Can we Trust Trusted nodes in Wireless Sensor networks?Momani, M; Challa, S; Al-Hmouz, R; Momani Mohammad
Jan-2005Can we use Rasch measurement in vocational education and training classrooms?Athanasou, J; Lamprianou, I; Agho, KE; Beven, F
4-Dec-2015Can we use the approaches of ecological inference to learn about the potential for dependence bias in dualsystem estimation? An application to cancer registration dataBrown, JJ; Beh, EJ; Hudson, IL; Weber, T; McPhee, MJ; Anderssen, RS
Jan-2013Can you CopyMe?: An expression mimicking serious gameTan, C; Harrold, NV; Rosser, DJ; Billinghurst, M; Karlsson, B
Jan-2013Can you trust survey responses? Evidence using objective health measuresSuziedelyte, A; Johar, M
Sep-2014Can ‘systems of practice’ help to analyse wide-scale socio-technical changeMacrorie, R; Daly, M; Spurling, N
2016Can't get no satisfaction? The association between community satisfaction and population size for victoriaDrew, J; Dollery, B; Kortt, MA
2015Canalization and connectedness in the development of science interestPressick-Kilborn, KJ; Renninger, KA; Hidi, S; Nieswandt, M