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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Cellular Automata Based Models of Wireless Sensor NetworksLi, W; Zomaya, AY; Al-Jumaily, A; Li, W; Zomaya, AY; Al-Jumaily, A
Jan-2012A Cellular Automata Hybrid Quasi-random Monte Carlo Simulation for Estimating the One-to-all Reliability of Acyclic Multistate Information NetworksYeh, W; Cao, L; Jin, J
2002Cellular automata in generative electronic music and sonic art: a historical and technical reviewBurraston, D; Edmonds, E
Jan-2005Cellular automata in generative electronic music and sonic art: a historical and technical reviewBurraston, DM; Edmonds, EA
2004Cellular Automata in MIDI based Computer MusicBurraston, D; Edmonds, E; Livingston, D; Miranda, ER; Tzanetakis,G.
Jan-2004Cellular Automata in MIDI based Computer MusicBurraston, DM; Edmonds, EA; Livingston, D; Miranda, E; Tzanetakis, G
Jan-2014Cellular communication via microparticles: role in transfer of multidrug resistance in cancerJaiswal, R; Grau, G; Bebawy, M
Jan-2001A cellular function for the RNA-interference enzyme Dicer in the maturation of the let-7 small temporal RNAHutvagner, GJ; Mclachlan, J; Pasquinelli, A; Balint, E; Tuschl, T; Zamore, P
Jan-2004Cellular models of drug- and radiation-resistant small cell lung cancerDavey, RA; Locke, VL; Henness, S; Harvie, RM; Davey, MW
11-Aug-2014Cellular quantitative analysis of neuroblastoma tumor and splitting overlapping cellsTafavogh, S; Catchpoole, DR; Kennedy, PJ
Jan-2011Cellular release profiling of controlled release dry powder pulmonary formulationOng, HX; Traini, D; Bebawy, M; Young, P; Dalby, RN; Byron, PR; Peart, J; Suman, JD; Young, PM
2013Cellular uptake and activity of heparin functionalised cerium oxide nanoparticlesWhitelock, J; Tomic, R; Gunawan, C; Teoh, WY; Amal, R; Lord, M; Ting, SR
Jan-2013Cellular uptake and activity of heparin functionalised cerium oxide nanoparticlesTing, S; Whitelock, JM; Tomic, R; Gunawan, C; Teoh, W; Amal, R; Lord, MS
Nov-2012Cellular uptake and reactive oxygen species modulation of cerium oxide nanoparticles in human monocyte cell line U937.Lord, MS; Jung, M; Teoh, WY; Gunawan, C; Vassie, JA; Amal, R; Whitelock, JM
2014Cement-based stabilisation/solidification of oil and salt contaminated materialsAlmabrok, MH
Jan-2011The Cemetery, the State and the Exiles: A Study of Cementerio Colón, Havana, and Woodlawn Cemetery, MiamiWyndham, MM; Read, P
Jan-2013Centered or dispersed? Supporting innovation strategy through a deeper understanding of perceived innovativeness in product portfoliosUrhahn, C; Spieth, P; Killen, CP; University, G; EURAM
Jan-2013Central Darling Shire & Uralla ShireAnderson, L; Andersen, L; Malone, M
Jan-2013The central role of selenium in the biochemistry and ecology of the harmful pelagophyte, Aureococcus anophagefferensGobler, CJ; Lobanov, AV; Tang, Y; Turanov, AA; Zhang, Y; Doblin, MA; Taylor, GT; Sanudo-Wilhelm, SA; Grigoriev, IV; Gladyshev, VN