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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Challenging interpretation to discover more inclusive models: the case of adventure tour guidingWearing, SL; Archer, DJ
Jan-2006Challenging Midwifery Care, Challenging Midwives and Challenging the System.Homer, CS
2004Challenging the boundaries of graduate education for information professionals in Australia: real world learning for a virtual information worldTodd, R; Kallenberger, N
Jan-2009Challenging the inevitability of the globalisation of corporate governanceClarke, T; Young, S
Jan-2004Challenging the status quo: indigenous activism and the rule of law in AustraliaBehrendt, LY
Jan-2004Challenging Web Design and Cultural Issues in International E-Commerce SitesKang, K; Cunningham, P; Cunningham, M
Jan-2007The Chan Interpretations of Wang Wei's Poetry: A Critical ReviewYang, J
Jan-2007Chance Encounters Between Body And Buildings:New Technologies In Architecture And DanceSpurr, S; Orr, K; Kaji-O'grady, S
Jan-2004A Chance to Hear a Nyigina SongMuecke, S; Ryan, J; Wallace-Crabbe, C
Jan-2012Change And Our Future At UTS Library: It's Not Just About TechnologyBooth, M; Scholfield, SI; Tiffen, BL
Jan-2014Change detection using vegetation indices and multiplatform satellite imagery at multiple temporal and spatial scalesGlenn, EP; Nagler, PL; Huete, A; Qihao Weng
28-Apr-2011Change has comeForeshew, N
Jan-2013Change in messa di voce characteristics during 3 years of classical singing training at the tertiary levelFerguson, S; Kenny, DT; Mitchell, HF; Ryan, M; Cabrera, D
Jan-2006Change in size of lesions over 3 weeks after radiofrequency ablation of left ventricleKovoor, P; Daly, MA; Mikhail, M; Eipper, V; Dewsnap, B; Ross, DL
Jan-2011Change Learning Culture with CollaborationWilley, K; Gardner, AP; Bernadino, J; Quadrado, JC
28-Jun-2015A change of space: the influence of an innovative building on organizational strategyNaar, LV; Nikolova, N; Reihlen, M; Salovaara, P; Ropo, A; de Paoli, D
Jan-2013Change strategies for educational transformationReidsema, C; Hadgraft, RG; Cameron, I; King, R
Jan-2010A changed context of lifelong learning under the influence of migrationKim, J
Jan-2011Changes in 24-nt siRNA levels in Arabidopsis hybrids suggest an epigenetic contribution to hybrid vigorGroszmann, M; Greaves, IK; Albertyn, Z; Scofield, G; Peacock, J; Dennis, ES