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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Classifying antibodies using flow cytometry data: class prediction and class discoverySalganik, MP; Milford, EL; Hardie, DL; Shaw, S; Wand, M
Jan-2008Classifying computing education papers: process and resultsSimon, S; Carbone, A; de Raadt, M; Lister, RF; Hamilton, M; Sheard, J; Lister, R; Caspersen, ME; Clancy, M
Jan-2004Classifying m-Payments: A User-Centric ModelBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Steele, RJ; Hoewitch, M
Jan-2011Classroom DiscourseHammond, J; Hyland, K; Paltridge, B
2015Classroom talk and the negotiation of academic English : a linguistic analysis of collaborative text creationMacnaught, LM
Jan-2005Classroom teaching strategies for international studentsJohns, RE; Wright, SA; Mortimer, D; Stewart, G
Jan-2004Classroom use of multimedia-supported predict-observe-explain tasks in a social constructivist learning environmentKearney, MD
Jan-2008Classroom-based use of two educational technologies: A sociocultural perspectiveSchuck, SR; Kearney, MD
Jan-2003Claude Simon and the emergence of the generative mise en abymeMacris, A
Jan-2009The Clean and Proper Body: Genetics, Stigma and Disability Discrimination LawO'Connell, K
Jan-2011Clean energy and mining - future synergiesMemary, R; Giurco, D; Prior, TD; Mason, LM; Mudd, GM; Peterseim, J; Saydam, S
Jan-2007A clean front passage: dirt, douches and disinfectants at St Helens Hospital, Wellington, New Zealand, 1907-1922Wood, PJ; Foureur, M; Kirkham, M
Jan-2010Clean technology applications in tourism accommodationDaly, JG; Glassmire, J; Langham, E; Paddon, M
Jan-2010Clean technology in tourist accommodation: a best practice manualDaly, JG; Glassmire, J; Langham, E; Paddon, M
Jan-2012Cleaning Up? Transnational Corporate Femininity and Dirty Work in Magazine CultureSwan, E; Simpson, R; Slutskaya, N; Lewis, P; Hopfl, H
Jan-2008Cleansing Noisy Data StreamsZhu, X; Zhang, P; Wu, X; He, D; Zhang, C; Shi, Y; Giannotti, F; Gunopulos, D; Turini, F; Zaniolo, C; Ramakrishnan, N; Wu, X
Jan-2007Clear or glossy? The appearance of magazine ad information in the skincare marketHingorani, A; Heath, R; Neijens, P; Smit, E
Jan-2002Clearance of apoptotic beta-cells is reduced in neonatal autoimmune diabetes-prone ratsO'Brien, B; Finegood, DT; Fieldus, WE; Field, CJ
Jan-2002Cleavage Of Hemoglobin By Hookworm Cathepsin D Aspartic Proteases And Its Potential Contribution To Host SpecificityWilliamson, A; Brindley, PJ; Abbenante, G; Prociv, P; Berry, C; Girdwood, K; Pritchard, D; Fairlie, DP; Hotez, PJ; Dalton, JP; Loukas, AC
Jan-2013Clermont preferred future: Stakeholder reflections on a community foresight and planning initiativeParsons, R; Lederwasch, AJ; Moffat, K