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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Chromatophoric Architecture - Designing for 3D media facadesHaeusler, M
Jan-2010Chromium single-photon emitters in diamond fabricated by ion implantationAharonovich, I; Castelletto, S; Johnson, BC; McCallum, JC; Simpson, DA; Greentree, AD; Prawer, S
-Chromo-man, Chromo-vitruvian-man, Specific Painting3 and The LookTitmarsh, M; Sarah Newall
-ChromophiliaTitmarsh, M; MOP, GAA; Sheds, ALAT; Gallery, CDACD
Jan-2008ChromophiliacTitmarsh, M
-Chromophiliac 2 (fluro pink) and Chromophiliac 2 (fluro green)Titmarsh, M; Karen Dimmock
-Chromophiliac 2 (purple) and Chromophiliac 2 (green)Titmarsh, M; Polkinghorne, J; Newall, S
Jan-2008Chromosome replication dynamics in the archaeon Sulfolobus acidocaldariusDuggin, IG; McCallum, SA; Bell, SD
Jan-2014Chronic heart failureDavidson, PM; Newton, PJ; Macdonald, P; Chang, E; Johnson, A
Jan-2006The Chronic Heart-failure Assistance by Telephone (CHAT) Study:Assessment of telephone support for vulnerable patients with chronic diseaseYallop, J; Chan, B; Piterman, L; Tonkin, A; Forbes, A; Davidson, PM; Halcomb, E; Clark, R; Nangle, A; Stewart, S; Croucher, J; Krum, H
Jan-2009Chronic high dose captopril decreases total heart rate variability and increases heart rate in C57BL/6J miceTouma, F; Chew, V; Chua, W; Jelinek, H; Wong, P; Spence, I; McLachlan, C
Jan-2011Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: patho-physiology, current methods of treatment and the potential for simvastatin in disease managementMarin, L; Colombo, P; Bebawy, M; Young, P; Traini, D
Jan-2006Chronic sublethal sediment toxicity testing using the estuarine amphipod, Melita plumulosa (Zeidler) Evaluation using metal-spiked and field-contaminated sedimentsGale, SA; King, CK; Hyne, RV
Jan-2008A chronic toxicity test protocol using Caridina nilotica (Decapoda: Atyidae) and the generation of salinity toxicity dataSlaughter, AR; Palmer, CG; Muller, WJ
Jan-2008Chronicle of a Death ForetoldDale, J
Jan-2004A chronological analysis of the evolution of industrial relations in New Zealand.Chelliah, J; Mukhi, SK; Stewart, G; Hyland, P
Jan-2013The chronotopes of change: Actor-networks in a changing Business SchoolLancione, M; Clegg, SR
2015Chunder Goes Forth: Humor, Advertising, and the Australian Nation in the Bulletin during World War 1Crawford, R; Tholas-Dissett, C; Ritzenhoff, K
Jan-2009Churn: Patient Turnover and Case MixDuffield, CM; Diers, D; Aisbett, C; Roche, MA
Jan-2006Ci Builder: A system prototype for building confidence intervals for differnces of groupsZhang, S; Wu, X; Qin, Y; Zhang, J; Zhu, X; Eliassi-Rad, T; Ungar, L; Craven, M; Gunopulos, D