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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Aug-2012Burrows and Burrs: A Perceptual HistoryLee, TM
2017Bursting the News Filter BubbleKnight, S
1-Jan-2013Bus dwell time estimation at bus bays: A probabilistic approachMeng, Q; Qu, X
1-Jan-2013Bus stop-skipping scheme with random travel timeLiu, Z; Yan, Y; Qu, X; Zhang, Y
1-Jan-2014Bus travel time reliability analysis: A case studyQu, X; Oh, E; Weng, J; Jin, S
19-Oct-2016Bushmeat hunting and extinction risk to the world’s mammalsRipple, WJ; Abernethy, K; Betts, MG; Chapron, G; Dirzo, R; Galetti, M; Levi, T; Lindsey, PA; Macdonald, DW; Machovina, B; Newsome, TM; Peres, CA; Wallach, AD; Wolf, C
Jan-2013Bushrangers, the Exercise of Mercy and the 'Last Penalty of the Law' in New South Wales and Tasmania 1824-1856Plater, D; Crofts, P
2013Bushrangers, the Exercise of Mercy and the ‘Last Penalty of the Law’ in New South Wales and Tasmania 1824-1856Plater, D; Crofts, P
Jul-2015Business and Corporate Social Responsibility in a Gross National Happiness Economy: Insights from BhutanSebastian, I; Vansandt, C
Jan-2003Business and nonprofit relationships in Australia: promiscuous or monogamous?Edwards, M; Onyx, J
1-Jan-2014Business and PeaceMcKenna, K
Jan-2009Business and SocietyHiggins, W; David Bubna-Litic
2017Business architecture reference model (BARM) for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)Ghahramany Dehbokry, Seyran
Jan-2002Business as usual in the Australian energy sector: utopia in disguiseRiedy, C
1-Nov-2015Business Case Control in Project Portfolios - An Empirical Investigation of Performance Consequences and Moderating EffectsKopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP; Gemunden, HG
2014Business Case Control: The Key to Project Portfolio Success or Merely a Matter of Form?Kopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP; Gemuenden, HG; EURAM
1-Jan-2017Business cases for sustainability-integrated management educationEdwards, M; Benn, S; Starik, M
2016Business Confidence and Macroeconomic Dynamics in a Nonlinear Two-Country Framework with Aggregate Opinion DynamicsCharpe, M; Chiarella, C; Flaschel, P; Proano, C; Bernard, L; Nyambuu, U
Jan-2004Business Cycle Fluctuations and Firms - Size Distribution DynamicsDelli Gatti, D; Di Guilmi, C; Gaffeo, E; Gallegati, M; Giulioni, G; Palestrini, A