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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2014Business transformation and sustainability through cloud system implementationSoliman, F
Jan-2005Business-to-business interpersonal relationships: The role of professional distanceNewman, AL; Lings, IN; Gudergan, S; Purchase, S
1-Jan-2012Business-to-business marketing: Looking back, looking forwardGrewal, R; Lilien, GL
Jan-2004Business-to-business relationships in Chinese contexts: conceptualising the interconnections and outcomes of key Guanxi constructs.Freeman, S; Young, LC; Chandler, L; -
Jan-2007Business-to-consumer mobile agent-based Internet commerce system (MAGICS)Chen, H; Lam, PP; Chan, HC; Dillon, TS; Cao, J; Lee, RS
Jan-2006Business/CultureKornberger, MM; Jakovich, J
Jan-2008But Did the World Meet Jazz?: Ein Blick hinter Joachim Ernst Berendts Plattenreihe 'Jazz Meets the World'Hurley, AW; Knauer, W
Jan-2010But do you like your (expensive management) consultant?Chelliah, J; Davis, D
15-Dec-2016‘But I can do the job’: examining disability employment practice through human rights complaint casesDarcy, SA; Taylor, T; Green, J
Jan-2008But Wait, There's More...: A History Australia's Advertising Industry, 1900-2000Crawford, R
Jan-2004'But you're Restricting Access to Information':The Ethical and Cultural Dimension of Installing Access Gates in the UTS Campus LibraryLeuzinger, PJ; Unknown
Jan-2007Butter Mountains, Milk Lakes and optimal Price LimitersCorron, N; He, X; Westerhoff, FH
Jan-2010Butterfingers: Resculpting Religion at a Tibetan Buddhist MonasteryCooke, SB
2007The butterfly towerTatlow, S
21-Sep-2011Buttoning Up Australian SuperannuationGray, J; Watson, B
Jan-2012Buy, Boycott Or Blog Exploring Online Consumer Power To Share, Discuss And Distribute Controversial Advertising MessagesKerr, G; Mortimer, K; Dickinson, S; Waller, DS
Jan-2007Buying a Sponsor's Brand: The Role of Affective Commitment to the Sponsored TeamLings, IN; Owen, KM
2-Jan-2016By accident or by design? A Chinese dating show and soft powerSun, W
2002By permission of G.M. GlaskinFisher, J
Jan-2003By-product recovery from cottage cheese production by nanofiltrationNguyen, M; Reynolds, N; Vigneswaran, S