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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Can photovoltaic technologies help attain sustainable rural development in Bangladesh?Biswas, W; Diesendorf, MO; Bryce, P
2018Can plant walls improve indoor air quality?Zavattaro, Michael Walter
Jan-2010Can principles of the Chronic Care Model be used to improve care of the older person in the acute care sector?Hickman, L; Rolley, J; Davidson, PM
Feb-2013Can questions about social interaction correctly identify preschool aged children with autism?Williams, K; Perkins, D; Wheeler, D; Hayen, A; Bayl, V
Jan-2011Can Questions Of The Privatization And Corporatization, And The Autonomy And Accountability Of Public Hospitals, Ever Be Resolved?Braithwaite, J; Travaglia, J; Corbett, A
Jan-2013Can Relational DBMS Scale-up to the Cloud?Feuerlicht, G; Pooley, RJ; Coady, J; Linger, H; Barry, C; Lang, M
1-Apr-2012Can scale and coefficient heterogeneity be separated in random coefficient models?Hess, S; Rose, J
1-Apr-2012Can scale and coefficient heterogeneity be seperated in random coefficient models?Hess, S; Rose, J
16-Dec-2016Can SDN technology be transported to software-defined WSN/IoT?Nguyen, T; Hoang, DB; Chaczko, Z
Jan-2006Can seminar and Computer-Based Training Improve the Effectiveness of Electronic Mail Communication wihtin the Workplace?Jackson, T; Culjak, G; Fitzgerald, E
Jan-2013Can smart meters create smart behaviour?Delaney, CC; Giurco, D; Boyle, TM
Jan-2011Can sovereign credit ratings promote financial sector development and capital inflows to emerging marketsKim, S; Wu, E; Kolb, RW
Jan-2008Can sponsorships go the distance? The role of psychological construal level in understanding sponsorships effectivenessCarrillat, F; Legoux, R; Kehoe, WJ; Whitten, LK
1-May-2013Can Sustainability be a Source of Competitive Advantage in the Insurance Industry?Shea, M; Hutchin, JW
3-May-2017Can targeted job-information for adults with spinal cord dysfunction be effectively delivered online? A pilot study.Dorstyn, D; Roberts, R; Murphy, G; Kneebone, I; Craig, A; Chur-Hansen, A; Migliorini, C; Potter, E; Marshall, R; Clark, J; Neeson, S; Stewart, P
2017Can the American alliance stop colluding in genocide?Higgins, JW; Marczak, N; Shields, K
Jan-2012Can the Common Law Adjudicate Historical Suffering?Anthony, T; van Rijswijk, HM
Dec-2013Can the LANSS scale be used to classify pain in chronic cancer pain trials?Hardy, J; Quinn, S; Fazekas, B; Agar, M; Currow, D
Jan-2007Can the Media take Criticism?Manning, PC; Papandrea, P; Armstrong, M
Oct-2013Can the Oxford Scores be used to monitor symptomatic progression of patients awaiting knee or hip arthroplasty?Naylor, JM; Kamalasena, G; Hayen, A; Harris, IA; Adie, S