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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Challenges in Prototyping Email in Three DimensionsHumphreys, TJ; Leung, LT; Weakley, AJ; Docherty, M; Kenderdine, S; Wyeld, T
Jan-2010Challenges in the Telecom Sector: A case study of 3G Rollout in ChinaLi, G
15-Feb-2017The Challenges of Applying Planetary Boundaries as a Basis for Strategic Decision-Making in Companies with Global Supply ChainsClift, R; Sim, S; King, H; Chenoweth, J; Christie, I; Clavreul, J; Mueller, C; Posthuma, L; Boulay, A; Chaplin-Kramer, R; Chatterton, J; DeClerck, F; Druckman, A; France, C; Franco, A; Gerten, D; Goedkoop, D; Hauschild, M; Huijbergts, M; Koellner, T; Lambin, E; Lee, J; Mair, S; Marshall, S; McLachlan, S; Canals, L; Mitchell, C; Price, E; Rockstrom, J; Suckling, J; Murphy, R
Jan-2013The challenges of being an insider in storytelling researchBlythe, SL; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE; Halcomb, E
2005The challenges of change : planning a midwifery model of careJones, Linda Katherine
Jan-2013The Challenges of Community Engagement in Rural-Remote and Indigenous Local Government in AustraliaGibbs, M; Kamnuansilpa, P; Sampson, CL
Jan-2008The challenges of evaluating midwifery continuity of careFoureur, M; Sandall, J; Homer; Brodie; Leap
Jun-2016The Challenges of Human-Centred Design in a Public Sector Innovation Contextvan der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Lloyd, P; Bohemia, E
Jan-2013The challenges of managing complexity in projects: An Australian perspectiveHatcher, C; Linger, H; Owen, J; Algeo, CT
Jan-2003The challenges of mental health care reform for contemporary mental health nursing practice: Delivery of nursing care.Cleary, M
Jan-2003The challenges of mental health care reform for contemporary mental health nursing practice: Relationships, power and control.Cleary, M
Jan-2012Challenges of older patients' knowledge about warfarin therapyNasser, S; Mullan, J; Bajorek, B
27-May-2016Challenges of the preceptors working with new nurses: A phenomenological research study.Valizadeh, S; Borimnejad, L; Rahmani, A; Gholizadeh, L; Shahbazi, S
Jan-2012The challenges of traditional, complementary and integrative medicine research: A practitioner perspectiveWardle, J; Seely, D; Adams, J; Andrews, G; Barnes, J; Broom, A; Magin, P
9-May-2013Challenges to developing methane biofiltration for coal mine ventilation air: A reviewLimbri, H; Gunawan, C; Rosche, B; Scott, J
1-Sep-2012Challenges to Reaching MDG5: A Qualitative Analysis of the Working Environment of Skilled Birth Attendants in CambodiaIth, P; Dawson, A; Homer, CS
2016Challenging a statistic: Why should we accept that 60 percent of adult Australians have low health literacy?Black, SR
Jan-2003Challenging changes in a secondary teacher education programmeAubusson, PJ
Jan-2009Challenging Conventions: In Pursuit of Greater Legislative Compliance with CEDAW in the PacificJivan, VR; Forster, C
2002Challenging current approaches to early technology educationHall, R; Schaverien, L; Brown T; Reid J