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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Chemical relationships in waters and sediments of some urban streams, with particular reference to heavy metals and phosphorusHayes, WJ
Jan-2008Chemical synthesis, characterisation and gas sensing performance of copper oxide nanoribbonsGou, X; Wang, G; Yang, J; Park, J; Wexler, D
Jan-2010Chemical-assisted physico-biological water mining systemChanan, AP; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, JK; Shon, H
Jan-2012Chemical-free synthesis of graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid materials for reversible lithium storage in lithium-ion batteriesChen, S; Yeoh, W; Liu, Q; Wang, G
8-Feb-2011ChemInform Abstract: Mesoporous LiFePO4/C Nanocomposite Cathode Materials for High Power Lithium Ion Batteries with Superior Performance.Wang, G; Liu, H; Liu, J; Qiao, S; Lu, GM; Munroe, P; Ahn, H
Jan-2003Chemistry of sodium lactate formation under simulated alumina refinery conditionsEllis, AV; Kannangara, GK; Wilson, MA
Jan-2010Chemometric Methods Applied to Genetic Analyses by Capillary Electrophoresis and Electrophoresis Microchip TechnologiesFunes-Huacca, ME; Alberice, JV; Blanes, L; Carrilho, E; Grady Hanrahan
2005Chemometrics and model fitting in analytical chemistryFoot, MJ
Dec-2012A chemoprotective fish oil/pectin diet enhances apoptosis via Bcl-2 promoter methylation in rat azoxymethane-induced carcinomas.Cho, Y; Turner, ND; Davidson, LA; Chapkin, RS; Carroll, RJ; Lupton, JR
Jan-2013Chemosensory discrimination of social cues mediates space use in snakes, Cryptophis nigrescens (Elapidae)Scott, M; Whiting, MM; Webb, JK; Shine, R
31-Mar-2015Chemosensory genes identified in the antennal transcriptome of the blowfly Calliphora stygia.Leitch, O; Papanicolaou, A; Lennard, C; Kirkbride, KP; Anderson, A
Jan-2010Chemotactic Response Of Marine Bacteria To The Extracellular Products Of Synechococcus And ProchlorococcusSeymour, JR; Ahmed, T; Durham, W; Stocker, R
Jan-2007Chemotactic Response of Marine Micro-Organisms to Micro-Scale Nutrient LayersSeymour, JR; Marcos, M; Stocker, R
Aug-2015Chemotaxis by natural populations of coral reef bacteria.Tout, J; Jeffries, TC; Petrou, K; Tyson, GW; Webster, NS; Garren, M; Stocker, R; Ralph, PJ; Seymour, JR
Jan-2009Chen Village: Revolution to GlobalizationChan, A; Madsen, R; Unger, J
Jan-2008Chest symptoms following coronary stenting in the first 10 weeks of recoveryGallagher, RD; Lynch, F; Paul, G; Petkovski, D; Kandl, B; Lang, S; Thomas, N; Fildes, J; James, B; Love, F
2017Chewing gum : a potential strategy to relieve thirst in chronic heart failureAllida, Ma Sabine Jane Leonette
11-Jul-2017A CHF Detection Method based on Deep Learning with RR IntervalsChen, W; Liu, G; Su, S; Jiang, Q; Nguyen, HT
2005Chickens orient using a magnetic compassFreire, R; Munro, U; Rogers, L; Wiltschko, R; Wiltschko, W
Jan-2010Chicks on Speed, Don't Art, Fashion, MusicLogan, M; Murray-Leslie, A