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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Care of acutely ill older patients in hospital: clinical decision makingMilton-Wildey, KK; O'Brien, L
Jan-2013Care of older people living with cancer: The role of the specialist nurse and allied health professionalsProuse, J; Phillips, JL
2011Care of Patients with Heart Disease: Gender-specific characteristics of individuals with depressive symptoms and coronary heart diseaseDoering, L; McKinley, S; Riegel, B; Moser, D; Meischke, H; Pelter, M; Dracup, K
Jan-2004Care of Women with Breech or Previous Caesarean Birth- Evidence-based Best Practice GuidelineFarquhar, C; Lethaby, A; Guilliland, K; Cole, S; Foureur, M; Buist, R; Banks, M; Waller, N; Yates, A
Jan-2013Care planning practices for behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in residential aged care: A pilot of an education toolkit informed by the Aged Care Funding InstrumentJeon, Y; Govett, J; Low, L; Chenoweth, L; Mcneill, G; Hoolahan, A; Brodaty, H; O'Connor, D
11-Oct-2015Care-seeking decisions for worsening symptoms in heart failure: a qualitative metasynthesisIvynian, S; DiGiacomo, M; Newton, P
1-Jan-2015Care-seeking decisions for worsening symptoms in heart failure: a qualitative metasynthesisIvynian, S; DiGiacomo, M; Jha, S; Crossley, C; Newton, P
2011Career Aspirations and Self-Efficacy of European Psychology StudentsKnight, S; Vainre, M
1-Sep-2016Career Capital Development of Self-Initiated Expatriates in ChinaGuo, Y; Rammal, HG; Dowling, PJ; Guo, Y; Rammal, HG; Dowling, PJ
Jul-2008Career Decision-Making and Corporate ResponsibilitySainty, R
Jan-2002Career development in the Pacific islands: Key issues influencing educational and vocational achievementAthanasou, J; Torrance, J
Jan-2011Career Experience of Asian Ethnicity Immigrants In AustraliaTeo, ST; Ho, CY; Xie, L; Wang, KY; Segal, N; Keri Spooner
1-Aug-2015The career impact of winning an external work-related awardHarrison, B; Jepsen, DM
Jan-2006The career interest test - a brief, standardized assessment of interests for use in educational and vocational guidanceAthanasou, J
Jan-2002Career paths beyond nursing and the contribution of nursing experience and skills in attaining these positions.Duffield, CM; Franks, H
Dec-1992Career Paths in the Community SectorOnyx, J; McLean, M
Jan-2009Career stage and generational differences in psychological contractsHess, N; Jepsen, DM
2016Careful What You Wish For: Rate-Capping in Victorian Local GovernmentDrew, J; Dollery, B
1-May-2017Caregiver characteristics and bereavement needs: findings from a population studyDiGiacomo, M; Hatano, Y; Phillips, J; Lewis, J; Abernathy, A; Currow, D
Oct-2015Caregiver Expectations: Predictors of a Worse Than Expected Caregiving Experience at the End of Life.Burns, EJ; Quinn, SJ; Abernethy, AP; Currow, DC