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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Chicks on Speed, Don't Art, Fashion, MusicLogan, M; Murray-Leslie, A
1-Oct-2014Chicks on Speed: U is for UtopiaMurray-Leslie, A; Logan, M; Pollak, S
1-Jan-2012Child and adolescent psychiatric nursing and the 'plastic man': Reflections on the implementation of change drawing insights from Lewin's Theory of Planned ChangeMcGarry, DE; Cashin, A; Fowler, C
Jan-2011Child and parental surveys about pre-hospitalization information provisionGordon, BK; JAANISTE, T; BARTLETT, K; Perrin, M; Jackson, A; Sandstrom, A; Charleston, R; Sheehan, S
Jan-2013Child centered-Community based climate change adaptation in the Philippines. Local indicators research: A review of literature on local indicators of adaptive capacity and resilience to climate changeGero, A; Chong, J
Jan-2010Child health and development record book: tool for relationship building between nurse and motherClendon, J; Dignam, DM
Jan-2008The Child in Utero and Ex UteroStewart, PE; Stuhmcke, AG; Monahan, G; Young, L
2014Child Labour: Everybody’s BusinessBoersma, M; Lynch, G; Schofield, J
Apr-2013Child obesity prevention in primary health care: investigating practice nurse roles, attitudes and current practices.Robinson, A; Denney-Wilson, E; Laws, R; Harris, M
Jan-2011Child protection workers: What they doO'Reilly, R; Luck, L; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE
Jan-2004Child Welfare Approaches for Indigenous Communities: International PerspectivesLibesman, T
2015Child-Centred Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation in the Philippines: Guidance document for Local-level indicators: A process to help understand how children and their communities are adapting to climate changeChong, J; Treichel, P; Gero, A; Nuestro, R; McDonough, J; Azucena, W; Abes, J; Abogado, N
Jan-2006Child-to-mother violence: A pilot studyStewart, M; Wilkes, L; Jackson, DE; Mannix, J
Jan-2005The childbirth expectations of a self-selected cohort of Western Australian womenFenwick, JH; Hauck, Y; Downie, J; Butt, J
Jan-2009Childbirth Fear, Anxiety, Fatigue, and Sleep Deprivation in Pregnant WomenHall, W; Hauck, Y; Carty, EM; Hutton, E; Fenwick, JH; Stoll, K
Mar-2011Childbirth practices in Jordanian public hospitals: consistency with evidence-based maternity care?Shaban, I; Hatamleh, R; Khresheh, R; Homer, CS
2015The 'childbirth supporter study' : video-ethnographic examination of the physical birth unit environmentHarte, Jennifer Davis
Jan-2003Childhood and Adolescent ObesityBaur, LA; Denney-Wilson, E; Silink, M; Kida, K; Rosenbloom, AL
18-Jan-2013Childhood disability in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: a literature reviewDiGiacomo, M; Davidson, PM; Abbott, PA; Delaney, P; Dharmendra, T; McGrath, S; Delaney, J; Vincent, F
Jan-2002Childhood: a narrative chronotopeJohnston, RR; Sell, RD