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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Commentary: Reflections on theory building in sport for development and peaceSchulenkorf, N; Spaaij, R
1-Feb-2016Commentary: Reflections on theory building in sport for development and peaceSchulenkorf, N; Spaaij, R
Jan-2009Commentary: The liability of foreignness, capabilities, knowledge, and the performance of the subsidiaryDevinney, TM; Cheng, JLC; Maitland, E; Nicholas, S
Jan-2009Comments on "Phillips Curve Inflation Forecasts" by James H. Stock and Mark W. WatsonPagan, AR; Fuhrer, J; Little, JS; Kodrzycki, YK; Olivei, GP
Jan-2009Comments on 'Convergence Properties Likelihood of Computed Dynamic Models'Ackerberg, D; Geweke, J; Hahn, J
Jan-2004Comments on Prosser et al's approach to value disease reduction in childrenBeutels, P; Viney, RC
Jan-2004Commerce and Culture in the Pre-Colonial Indian OceanGhosh, D; Muecke, S; Iwabuchi, K; Muecke, S; Thomas, M
Jan-2004Commercial Broadcasting - Preserving the Public InterestHitchens, LP
Jan-2013Commercial Content and its Relationship to Media Content: Commodification and TrustHitchens, LP; Price, ME; Verhulst, SG; Morgan, L
Jan-2008A commercial ELISA detects high levels of human H5 antibody but cross-reacts with influenza A antibodiesStelzer-Braid, S; Wong, BB; Robertson, P; Lynch, GW; Laurie, K; Shaw, R; Barr, I; Selleck, PW; Baleriola, C; Escott, R; Katsoulotos, G; Rawlinson, WD
Jan-2001Commercial issues in specification of Web systemsLowe, DB; Eklund, J; Aurum, A; Jeffery, R
Jan-1991The commercially available restriction enzyme BspHl is blocked by overlapping methylationServos, S; Silva, C; Dougan, G; Charles, IG
Jan-2007Commingled Four Quadrant Property Funds: Structure, Strategy and PerformanceHiggins, DM; Higgins, D
-Commissioned Textile Design for Government House, SydneyHeffer, C; Trust, HH
Jan-2006The commitment mix: Dimensions of commitment in international trading relationships in IndiaSharma, N; Young, LC; Wilkinson, I
Jan-2001A commitment to commitment: a continuing program of study in business relationship commitmentYoung, LC; Denize, SM; Chetty, S; Collins, B
Jan-2005The Commodification of the Asian Commons: Water as a Property RightSheehan, JB
2013Commodity derivative pricing under the benchmark approachDu, K
Jan-2010Commodity Diversity: Smiling Faces as a Strategy of ContainmentSwan, E
Jan-2005Commodity markets, price limiters and speculative price dynamicsHe, X; Westerhoff, FH