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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Comparing entropy measures of idea links in design protocols: Linkography entropy measurement and analysis of differently conditioned design sessionsKan, JW; Bilda, Z; Gero, JS
25-Aug-2015Comparing Features Extractors in EEG-Based Cognitive Fatigue Detection of Demanding Computer TasksChai, R; Smith, MR; Nguyen, TN; Ling, SH; Coutts, AJ; Nguyen, HT
Jan-2013Comparing food efficient design and planning of built environments in Sydney and MiamiGhosh, S; Ruming, K; Randolph, B; Gurran, N
Jan-2011Comparing functional visualizations of genesGhous, H; Ho, N; Catchpoole, DR; Kennedy, PJ; JosÃ, MPA; Famili, F
2015Comparing journalisms : newspaper coverage of river issues and climate change in Australia and BangladeshDas, J
28-Jul-2016Comparing Malta and USA police officers’ individual and organizational support on outcomesFarr-Wharton, B; Azzopardi, J; Brunetto, Y; Farr-Wharton, R; Herold, N; Shriberg, A
Jan-2008Comparing model predictions and experimental data for the reponse of stomatal conductance and guard cell turgor to manipulations of cuticular conductance, leaf-to-air vapour pressure difference and temperature: feedback mechanisms are able to accountEamus, D; Taylor, DT; Macinnis-Ng, CM; Shanahan, S; De Silva, DL
Jan-2011Comparing Photosynthetic And Photovoltaic Efficiencies And Recognizing The Potential For ImprovementBlankenship, R; Tiede, D; Barber, J; Brudvig, G; Fleming, G; Ghirardi, M; Gunner, M; Junge, W; Kramer, D; Melis, A; Moore, T; Moser, C; Nocera, D; Nozik, A; Ort, D; Parson, W; Prince, R; Sayre, R
Jan-2007Comparing Structural Equation Models with Discrete Choice Experiments for Modelling Brand Equity and Predicting Brand ChoicesWang, PZ; Menictas, C; Louviere, JJ
Jan-2004Comparing test systems to measure the salinity tolerance of freshwater invertebrates.Kefford, B; Dalton, A; Palmer, CG; Pakhomova, L; Nugegoda, D
2006Comparing the efficiency of fixed and tracking solar cell panels in a tropical locationJumrusprasert, P
Jan-2008Comparing the growth effectiveness of forensic DNA databasesWalsh, SJ; Buckleton, JS; Ribaux, O; Roux, CP; Raymond, T
Jan-2012Comparing The Invasibility Of Experimental 'reefs' With Field Observations Of Natural Reefs And Artificial StructuresDafforn, K; Glasby, T; Johnston, E
Jan-2009Comparing the Penman-Monteith equation and a modified Jarvis-Stewart model with an artificial neural network to estimate stand-scale transpiration and canopy conductanceWhitley, RJ; Medlyn, BE; Zeppel, MJ; Macinnis-Ng, CM; Eamus, D
2014Comparing the Performance of Various Filters on Skin Cancer ImagesHoshyar, AN; Al-Jumaily, A; Hoshyar, AN
Aug-2016Comparing the value of bioproducts from different stages of anaerobic membrane bioreactorsKhan, MA; Ngo, HH; Guo, WS; Liu, YW; Zhou, JL; Zhang, J; Liang, S; Ni, BJ; Zhang, XB; Wang, J
Jan-2011Comparing two video-based techniques for driver fatigue detection: classification versus optical flow approachSenaratne, R; Jap, B; Lal, S; Hsu, A; Halgamuge, S; Fischer, P
Jan-2013A Comparison between Continuous Categorical Emotion Responses and Stimulus Loudness ParametersFerguson, S; Schubert, E; Lee, D; Cabrera, D; McPherson, GE; Bourbakis, N; Tsihrintzis, G; Virvou, M
Jan-2007Comparison Between Genetic Algorithms and the Baum-Welch Algorithm in Learning HMMs for Human Activity ClassificationPerez, O; Piccardi, M; Garcia, J; Patricio, MA; Molina, JM; Giacobini, MEA
Jan-2013Comparison between sequential and simultaneous application of activated carbon with membrane bioreactor for trace organic contaminant removalNguyen, LN; Hai, F; Kang, J; Nghiem, LD; Price, WE; Guo, W; Ngo, H; Tung, K