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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Class, Authority And Gender On Early-Modern Indian Ocean Ships: European And Asian ComparisonsPearson, MN
Jan-2013Class, consumption and the economic restructuring of consumer spaceCartier, C; Chen, M; Goodman, DSG
Jan-2008'Class, Stratum and Group: The Politics of Description and Prescription'Guo, Y; Goodman, DSG
Jan-2003Class-Based Fair Intelligent Admission Control over an Enhanced Differentiated Service NetworkLi, M; Hoang, DB; Simmonds, AJ
Jan-2001Classes of Interest Rate Models Under the HJM FrameworkChiarella, C; Kwon, O
Jan-2012Classes Without Class Consciousness And Class Consciousness Without Classes: The Meaning Of Class In The People's Republic Of ChinaGuo, Y
2015Classical Analog to Entanglement ReversibilityHsieh, M
2014Classical conditioning in social robotsNovianto, R; Williams, M-A; Gärdenfors, P; Wightwick, G
2008Classical Enhancement of Quantum Error-Correcting CodesKremsky, I; Hsieh, M; Brun, T
Jan-2011Classical simulation of commuting quantum computations implies collapse of the polynomial hierarchyBremner, MJ; Jozsa, R; Shepherd, D
5-Jan-2017Classics in megaproject management: A structured analysis of three major worksPollack,, J; Biesenthal,, C; Sankaran,, S; Clegg, SR
5-Nov-2012Classification based on possibilistic likelihoodSerrurier, M; Prade, H
Jan-2010Classification by ALH-Fast AlgorithmYang, T; Kecman, V; Cao, L
1-Dec-2010Classification by means of fuzzy analogy-related proportions - A preliminary reportPrade, H; Richard, G; Yao, B
Jan-2009Classification error in dynamic discrete choice models: Implications for female labor supply behaviorKeane, M; Sauer, R
11-Jul-2017The Classification for Equilibrium Triad Sensory Loss based on sEMG Signals of Calf MusclesYu, H; Guo, K; Luo, J; Cao, K; Nguyen, HT; Su, S
2014Classification fundamental to the future of health care outcomesBichel-Findlay, JM
21-Nov-2016Classification of animals and people based on radio-sensor networkZhong, Y; Zhou, Z; Jiang, T; Heimlich, M; Dutkiewicz, E; Fang, G
Jan-2008Classification of Bidens in wheat farmsZhang, Z; Kodagoda, S; Ruiz, D; Katupitiya, J; Dissanayake, G; Xu, P; Diegel, O
Jan-2005Classification of chondroitin sulfate A, chondroitin sulfate C, glucosarnine hydrochloride and glucosamine 6 sulfate using chernometric techniquesFoot, MJ; Mulholland, M