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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Mar-2017Carbon coated CoS2 thermal battery electrode material with enhanced discharge performances and air stabilityXie, S; Deng, Y; Mei, J; Yang, Z; Lau, WM; Liu, H
20-May-2015The Carbon Cost of Work—Impacts of Office Building and Commuting Energy in Sydney WorkplacesThomas, LE; Rickwood, P; Dilevska, J
Jan-2006Carbon dioxide exhange and the mechanism of environmental control in a farmland ecosystem in North China PlainJun, L; Yu, Q; Sun, X; Xiaojuan, T; Ren, C; Wang, J; Liu, E; Zhu, Z; Yu, G
2002Carbon exchange in hot alkaline degradation of glucoseEllis, A; Wilson, MA
Jan-2002Carbon exchange in hot alkaline degradation of glucoseEllis, AV; Wilson, MA
Jan-2011Carbon footprint of the knowledge industry and ways to reduce itChowdhury, GG; Fraser, MH
Jan-2010Carbon Footprint Of The Knowledge Sector: What'S The Future?Chowdhury, GG
Jan-2001Carbon Nanotubes from CoalWilson, M; Marshall, CP; Morsi, B
12-Aug-2014Carbon nanotubes on nanoporous alumina: from surface mats to conformal pore filling.Fang, J; Levchenko, I; Han, ZJ; Yick, S; Ostrikov, KK
Jan-2008Carbon Offset Watch 2008 assessment reportRiedy, C; Atherton, AM
Jan-2008Carbon Offset Watch summaryRiedy, C; Atherton, AM
26-Aug-2016Carbon policy in Australia – a political historyStoianoff, NP; Guglyuvatyy, E; Stoianoff, NP; Kreiser, L; Butcher, B; Milne, JE; Ashiabor, H
2014Carbon pricing and renewable energy innovation: A comparison of Australian, British and Canadian carbon pricing policiesBubna-Litic, K; Stoianoff, NP
Jan-2011Carbon Pricing Options for a Post-Kyoto Response to Climate Change in AustraliaGumley, W; Stoianoff, NP
Jan-2009Carbon property rights in contextBoydell, S; Sheehan, JB; Prior, JH
Jan-2008Carbon Property Rights in SoilSheehan, JB; Kanas, O; NA
Jan-2009Carbon property rights, cities and climate changeBoydell, S; Sheehan, JB; Prior, JH; Hendy, S; World Bank
10-Mar-2017Carbon sequestration by Australian tidal marshes.Macreadie, PI; Ollivier, QR; Kelleway, JJ; Serrano, O; Carnell, PE; Ewers Lewis, CJ; Atwood, TB; Sanderman, J; Baldock, J; Connolly, RM; Duarte, CM; Lavery, PS; Steven, A; Lovelock, CE
2017Carbon storage in tidal wetlands of southeast AustraliaKelleway, Jeffrey James
Jan-2010Carbon taxation versus emissions trading schemes?Sheehan, JB