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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Conflict And Seduction In The Public SphereGoode, L; McKee, A
Jan-2013Conflict Characterization and Analysis of Non Functional Requirements: An Experimental ApproachMairiza, D; Zowghi, D; Gervasi, V; Szakal, A
Oct-2006Conflict in Palestinian Territories Requires International Focus: Tanya Reinhart speaks to Erica VowlesReinhart, T
Jan-2008Conflict resolution for collaborative design based on rough set theoryMa, J; Xiao, T; Zeng, J; Hao, M; NA
2009Conflict resolution in a failed state : case study of the Democratic Republic of the CongoJere, SS
2015Conflict, militarization and their after-effects: Key challenges for TESOLNelson, CD; Appleby, RJ
2011Conflicting contexts : midwives' interpretation of childbirth through photo elicitationCopeland, FH
Jan-2012Conflicting evidence and decisions by agency professionals: An experimental test in the context of merger regulationLyons, B; Menzies, GD; Zizzo, D
Jan-2013Conflicts analysis and validation of inertial sensors aided GPS carrier tracking loopLi, X; Guo, L; Kong, X; Gao, S
Jan-2008Conflicts and Politics in Precinct DevelopmentSearle, GH; Haylar, B; Griffin, T; Edwards, D
Jan-2006Confound it! That pesky little scale constant messes up our convenient assumptionsLouviere, JJ; Eagle, T; -
Jan-2005Confronting globalisation: learning from intercontinental collaborationLarsson, S; Boud, DJ; Abrandt -Dahlgren, M; Walters, S; Sork, T
3-May-2010Confronting HistoryDavies, W
Jan-2010Confronting Theory: The Psychology of Cultural StudiesBell, PB
2013Confucian approach to paternalistic leadership and ethical judgement in Chinese managementHuang, K; Huang, CJ; Chen, KJ
Jan-2009Confucian or Fusion: Perceptions of Confucian-heritage Students with Respect to Their University Studies in AustraliaGutierrez, FJ; Dyson, LE
Jan-2009A Congestion Control Framework for Handling Video Surveillance Traffics on WSNMaimour, M; Pham, C; Hoang, DB; Bilof, R
Jan-2003CONGO: Clustering on the Gene OntologyKennedy, PJ; Simoff, SJ; Simoff, SJ; Williams, GJ; Hegland, M
Jan-2005Congruent Facilitation of Simulations and GamesSpindler, LF; Leigh, EE; Shiratori, R; Arai, K; eds, FK
Jan-2003Conical propagation of electromagnetic waves through an array of cylindrical inclusionsGuenneau, S; Poulton, CG; Movchan, AB