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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008The communityCashman, R; Thomson, AK; Cashman, R; Darcy, S
1-Jul-2011Community Attitudes Towards Coarse Language in the MediaRyan, R; Hill, W; Watkins, SR; Hatherly, S
6-Jun-2014Community awareness of green roofs in SydneyWilkinson, SJ; Osmond, P; Heller, A; Manion, J; Sumich, M; Sharman, L; Hirota, EH; Formosa, CT; Onyango, J
9-Dec-2015Community based perspectives on climate change and adaptation in the Shoalhaven regionHarman, B; Cunningham, R; Cvitanovic, C; Jacobs, B; Measham, T
17-Jul-2015Community Chef: A Case Study in Local Government Innovation-
Jan-2010A community college's performance of 'organisation': Its a drag!Rooney, DL; Rhodes, CH; Boud, DJ
1-Jan-2015Community detection based on links and node features in social networksZhang, F; Li, J; Li, F; Xu, M; Xu, Y; He, X; He, X; Luo, SH; Tao, D; Xu, CS; Yang, J; Hasan, M
Jan-2013Community Detection in Multi-relational Social NetworksWu, Z; Yin, W; Cao, J; Xu, G; Cuzzocrea, A
Jun-1992Community Development and the Role of Local GovernmentOnyx, J
Jan-2013Community Development in Volunteer Tourism DestinationsWearing, SL; McGehee, N
Jan-2011Community ecology of hot spring cyanobacterial mats: predominant populations and their functional potentialKlatt, CG; Wood, JM; Rusch, DB; Bateson, MM; Hamamura, N; Heidelberg, JF; Grossman, AR; Bhaya, D; Cohan, FM; Kuhl, M; Bryant, DA; Ward, DM
1995Community emergentBeresford, JR
Jan-2010Community empowerment through sport and events: A conceptual framework for sport-for-development projectsSchulenkorf, N; Thomas, R
Jan-2004Community EmPOWERment: Final research reportRiedy, C; Wilson, E; Cheney, HE; Tarlo, K
Jan-2004Community EmPOWERment: Summary reportRiedy, C; Wilson, E; Cheney, HE; Tarlo, K
10-Oct-2012Community Engagement in Rural-remote and Indigenous Local Government in AustraliaRobyn Morris
29-May-2016Community expectations for the role of local government in regional Australia: Meeting the challenges of 'slow burn'Hastings, C; Wortley, L; Ryan, R; Grant, BJ
Jan-2004Community health nursing in Australia: a critical literature review and implications for professional development.Davidson, PM; Daly, J; Hancock, K
15-Oct-2015A Community Health Worker–Based Program for Elderly People With Hypertension in Indonesia: A Qualitative Study, 2013Rahmawati, R; Bajorek, B
Jan-2010Community Networks and the nature of emergence in civil society.Onyx, J; Edwards, M