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Jan-2006Cardiorespiratory responses to yo-yo intermittent endurance test in nonelite youth soccer playersCastagna, C; Impellizzeri, FM; Belardinelli, R; Abt, G; Coutts, AJ; Chamari, K; D'ottavio, S
Jan-2011Cardiovascular absolute risk assessment: A research journey in general practiceZwar, N; Harris, MF; Denney-Wilson, E
Jan-2004Cardiovascular and thermal consequences of protective clothing: a comparison of clothed and unclothed statesFogarty, AL; Armstrong, KA; Gordon, C; Groeller, H; Woods, BF; Stocks, JM; Taylor, NA
Jan-2009Cardiovascular disease in China: an urgent need to enhance the nursing role to improve health outcomesCao, Y; Davidson, PM; DiGiacomo, M
Jan-2008Cardiovascular disease in Chinese women - An emerging high-risk population and implications for nursing practiceCao, Y; DiGiacomo, M; Du, H; Ollerton, E; Davidson, PM
Jan-2005Cardiovascular disease in diabetic nephropathy patients: cell adhesion molecules as potential markers?Wu, T; McGrath, KC; Heather, AK
Jan-2012Cardiovascular disease in women: implications for improving health outcomesDavidson, PM; Mitchell, J; DiGiacomo, M; Inglis, S; Newton, PJ; Harman, J; Daly, J
Jan-2008Cardiovascular disease management: time to advance the practice nurse role?Halcomb, E; Davidson, PM; Griffiths, R; Daly, J
Jan-1991Cardiovascular Effects Of A Chlorpheniramine Paracetamol Combination In Hypertensive Patients Who Were Sensitive To The Pressor Effect Of PseudoephedrineChua, S; Benrimoj, C; Gordon, R; Williams, G
16-Aug-2016Cardiovascular Fitness Strengthening Using Portable DeviceAlqudah, HM; Cao, K; Zhang, T; Haddad, A; Su, S; Celler, B; Nguyen, H
Jan-1999Cardiovascular malformations: Changes in prevalence and birth status, 1972-1990Lin, AE; Herring, AH; Amstutz, KS; Westgate, M; Lacro, RV; Al-Jufan, M; Ryan, LM; Holmes, LB
1-Dec-2016Cardiovascular Medication Adherence among Patients with Cardiac Disease: A Systematic Review.Al-Ganmi, AH; Perry, L; Gholizadeh, L; Alotaibi, AM
Jan-2008Cardiovascular response identification based on nonlinear support vector regressionWang, L; Su, SW; Chan, GS; Celler, BG; Cheng, TM; Savkin, AV; Fred, A; Filipe, J; Gamboa, H
Jan-2007Cardiovascular responses during recreational 5-a-side indoor-soccerCastagna, C; Belardinelli, R; Impellizzeri, FM; Abt, G; Coutts, AJ; D'ottavio, S
Jan-2010Cardiovascular risk in early bereavement: A literature review and proposed mechanismsBuckley, T; McKinley, SM; Tofler, G; Bartrop, R
24-Aug-2016Cardiovascular risk outcome and program evaluation of a cluster randomised controlled trial of a community-based, lay peer led program for people with diabetes.Riddell, MA; Dunbar, JA; Absetz, P; Wolfe, R; Li, H; Brand, M; Aziz, Z; Oldenburg, B; Australasian Peers for Progress Diabetes Project Investigators
Jan-2010Care of acutely ill older patients in hospital: clinical decision makingMilton-Wildey, KK; O'Brien, L
Jan-2013Care of older people living with cancer: The role of the specialist nurse and allied health professionalsProuse, J; Phillips, JL
2011Care of Patients with Heart Disease: Gender-specific characteristics of individuals with depressive symptoms and coronary heart diseaseDoering, L; McKinley, S; Riegel, B; Moser, D; Meischke, H; Pelter, M; Dracup, K
Jan-2004Care of Women with Breech or Previous Caesarean Birth- Evidence-based Best Practice GuidelineFarquhar, C; Lethaby, A; Guilliland, K; Cole, S; Foureur, M; Buist, R; Banks, M; Waller, N; Yates, A