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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013China's rise and the (trans)national connections: the global diasporic Chinese mediasphereSun, W; Tan Chee-Beng
1-Dec-2013China's small coal mine policy in the 2000s: A case study of trusteeship and consolidationShi, X
2009China's special economic zones : are they still 'special' after China's accession to the WTO?Moreno Romo, AM
Jan-2008China's Trade Unions in Corporatist TransitionChan, A; Jonathan Unger
Jan-2012China's Vision of Global Governance: A Ressurection of the "Central Kingdom"?Chan, L; Lee, PK; Chan, G; Mingjiang Li
Jan-2004China, Sex and ProstitutionJeffreys, E
1-Jan-2015Chinatowns as tourist attractions in AustraliaCollins, J
2013Chinese 'loan-for-oil' deals in Brazil, Venezuela and Ecuador : local concerns and perceptionsMartinez Pacheco, S
Jun-2012Chinese Acupuncture Expert System (CAES)-a useful tool to practice and learn medical acupuncture.Lam, CF; Leung, KS; Heng, PA; Lim, CE; Wong, FW
2013A Chinese affairLi, M
Jan-2008Chinese Company LawGillies, P; Stoianoff, NP; Dahdal, A; Blazey, P; Chan, K
Jan-2003Chinese Culture and the 'Third Way' in the Twenty-First CenturyFeng, C; Jun Liang
Jan-2002Chinese entrepreneurs - the Chinese diaspora in AustraliaCollins, J
Jan-2011Chinese herbal extracts (SK0506) as a potential candidate for the therapy of the metabolic syndromeTan, Y; Kamal, M; Wang, Z; Xiao, W; Seale, JP; Qu, X
2009Chinese herbal formulae and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease : a preliminary investigation in an experimental animal modelKim, CHJ
Feb-2016Chinese Herbal Medicine for Symptom Management in Cancer Palliative Care: Systematic Review And Meta-analysis.Chung, VC; Wu, X; Lu, P; Hui, EP; Zhang, Y; Zhang, AL; Lau, AY; Zhao, J; Fan, M; Ziea, ET; Ng, BF; Wong, SY; Wu, JC
Jan-2011Chinese herbal medicines for the treatment of type A H1N1 influenza: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials.Chen, W; Lim, CE; Kang, HJ; Liu, J
Jan-2011Chinese immigrants in network marketing business in Western host country contextDai, F; Wang, KY; Teo, ST
Jan-2001A Chinese in the New World: Television Dramas, Global Cities, and Travels to ModernitySun, W
Jan-2009The Chinese Liberal Camp in Post-June 4th ChinaFeng, C