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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008A Comparison of the Reliability Growth of Open Source and In-House SoftwareSyed Mohamad, SM; McBride, TM; Lin, H; Zhang, W; Sahibuddin, S
Jan-2009Comparison of the sensitivity of air and dielectric modes in photonic crystal slab sensorsTomljenovic-Hanic, S; Rahmani, A; Steel, MJ; de Sterke, M
2006Comparison of the sensitivity of Australasian and non-Australasian aquatic organisms to selected metalsHobbs, D
Jan-2008Comparison of the summer thermal performance of three test buildings with that predicted by the admittance procedureHeathcote, KA
Jan-2011Comparison of the white-coat effect in community pharmacy versus the physician's office: the Palmera studySendra-Lillo, J; Sabater Hernandez, D; Sendra-Ortolá, Á; Martinez-Martinez, F
Jan-1991A Comparison Of Thermal-induced And Solvent-induced Relaxation Of Poly(ether Ether Ketone) Using Fourier-transform Raman-spectroscopyBriscoe, BJ; Stuart, BH; Thomas, P; Williams, DJ
Jan-2009A comparison of three analytical techniques for the measurement of steroidal estrogens in environmental water samplesGrover, DP; Zhang, Z; Readman, JW; Zhou, J
2003Comparison Of Three Seabird Bycatch Avoidance Methods In Hawaii-based Pelagic Longline FisheriesGilman, E; Brothers, N; Kobayashi, D
Jan-2004Comparison of time-integrated pesticide concentrations determined from field-deployed passive samplers with daily river-water extractionsHyne, RV; Pablo, F; Aistrope, M; Leonard, AW; Ahmad, N
Jan-2013A Comparison of Tourists' Valuation of Climate Change Policy Using Different Pricing FramesArana Padilla, JE; Leon, CJ; Moreno-Gil, S; Zubiaurre, A
Jan-2012A comparison of transcriptome and epigenetic status between closely related species in the genus ArabidopsisKawanabe, T; Fujimoto, R; Sasaki, T; Taylor, J; Dennis, ES
Jan-2007A comparison of tree water use in two contiguous vegetation communities of the seasonally dry tropics of northern Australia: the importance of site water budget to tree hydraulicsKelley, G; O'Grady, AP; Hutley, LB; Eamus, D
1-Jan-2015A comparison of two computational methods (RANS and LES) in analysing of ventilation flow through a room fitted with a two-sided windcatcher for free flow conditionNiktash, A; Huynh, BP; Liu, GR; Das, R
Jan-2006A comparison of two different methods for time-motion analysis in team sportsDogramaci, S; Watsford, ML
Jan-1999A comparison of two methods of antenatal breast-feeding educationSheehan, A
Jan-2008A comparison of two nutrition signposting systems for use in AustraliaLouie, JC-Y; Flood, V; Rangan, A; Hector, DJ; Gill, T
Jan-2001A Comparison of Two Quadratic Approaches to Hedging in Incomplete MarketsHeath, DP; Platen, E; Schweizer, M
Jan-1996A Comparison Of Two Quality-of-life Questionnaires For Cancer Clinical Trials: The Functional Living Index-cancer (flic) And The Quality Of Life Questionnaire Core Module (qlq-c30)King, MT; Dobson, A; Harnett, P
13-Dec-2014Comparison of Two Strategies of Path Planning for Underwater Robot Navigation Under UncertaintyZhang; Huang; Liu
Jan-2003Comparison of U.S., Canadian, and Australian participants' performance on the Algase Wandering Scale - Version 2 (AWS-V2).Song, J; Algase, DL; Beattie, ER; Milke, DL; Duffield, CM; Cowan, B