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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Chaotic Time Series Method Combined With Particle Swarm Optimization And Trend Adjustment For Electricity Demand ForecastingWang, J; Chi, D; Wu, J; Lu, H
Jan-2013Chaperone-usher fimbriae of Escherichia coliWurpel, D; Beatson, SA; Totsika, M; Petty, N; Schembri, MA
Jan-2011Chapter 16 Magneto - Inductive Waveguide DevicesMasihpour, M; Agbinya, JI; Agbinya, J
Jan-2012Chapter 17 Nostalgic and nostophobic referencing and the authentication of nurses' use of complementary therapiesTovey, P; Adams, J; Adams, J; Andrews, G; Barnes, J; Broom, A; Magin, P
Jan-2011Chapter 18 Wireless Power TransferMasihpour, M; Agbinya, JI; Agbinya, J
Jan-2011Chapter 20 NFMIC SimulatorMasihpour, M; Agbinya, JI; Agbinya, J
2014Chapter 23: Literature, the Curriculum and 21st century LiteracyJohnston, RR
2014Chapter 31: Building Community: First and Second Language Learners and Indigenous StudentsJohnston, RR; Winch, G; Johnston, R; March, P; Ljungdahl, L; Holliday, M
1-Dec-2018Chapter 5: Neo-Protectionism in the Age of Brexit and Trump – What to do with Powerful Friends? Views from AustraliaLester, M; Dela Rama, M; Oberoi, R; Halsall, JP
Jan-2012Chapter 7 Topical and oral complementary and alternative medicine in acne: A consideration of contextMagin, P; Adams, J; Pond, D; Smith, W; Adams, J; Andrews, G; Barnes, J; Broom, A; Magin, P
Jan-2006Chapter 7: Grid Network MiddlewareTravostino, F; Hoang, DB; Travostino, F; Mambretti, J; Karmos-Edwards, G
2015Chapter 8: Reducing indoor air pollutants through biotechnology.Torpy, FR; Burchett, M; Irga, P; Torgal, FP; Labrincha, JA; Diamanti, MV; Yu, C-P; Lee, HK
1-Feb-2015Chapter eleven incremental innovation and knowledge exploitation in SMES: Learning and social facilitationWang, K; Clegg, SR; Tang, C; Fang, Y; Soliman, F
Jan-2008Character play - The use of game characters in multi-player role-playing games across platformsTychsen, A; Hitchens, M; Brolund, TM
Jan-2011Character Segmentationfor License Plate Recognition by K-Means algorithmZheng, L; He, S; Maino, G; Foresti, GL
2014Character Strengths in Employees in the People's Republic of China: Analysis the Factor Structure of the VIA Inventory of Strengths.Redfern, KA; Simpson, A
1-Feb-2012Characterisation and functionalisation of cold-processed titania sol-gel layers on silica and silicate surfacesHuyang, G; Petermann, I; Canning, J; Naqshbandi, M; Crossley, MJ
2010Characterisation And Relevance Of Cd138-Negative Plasma Cells In Plasma Cell MyelomaReid, S; Yang, S; Brown, R; Kabani, K; Aklilu, E; Ho, P; Woodland, N; Joshua, D
Jan-2001Characterisation Of A Beta-tubulin Gene From The Liver Fluke, Fasciola HepaticaRobinson, MW; Hoey, E; Fairweather, I; Dalton, JP; Mcgonigle, S; Trudgett, A
Jan-1999Characterisation of a chloramphenicol acetyltransferase determinant found in the chromosome of Pseudomonas aeruginosaWhite, P; Stokes, H; Bunny, KL; Hall, RM