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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Characterization of the Class 3 Integron and the Site-Specific Recombination System It DeterminesCollis, CM; Kim, M; Partridge, SR; Stokes, H; Hall, RM
Jan-2013Characterization of the defense transcriptome responsive to Fusarium oxysporum-infection in Arabidopsis using RNA-seqZhu, Q; Stephen, S; Kazan, K; Jin, G; Fan, L; Taylor, J; Dennis, ES; Helliwell, C; Wang, M
Mar-2015Characterization of the dystrophin-glycoprotein complex in airway smooth muscle: role of δ-sarcoglycan in airway responsiveness.Sharma, P; Jha, A; Stelmack, GL; Detillieux, K; Basu, S; Klonisch, T; Unruh, H; Halayko, AJ
Jan-2002Characterization of the in vivo function of TNF-alpha-related apoptosis-inducing ligand, TRAIL/Apo2L, using TRAIL/Apo2L gene-deficient mice.Sedger, LM; Glaccum, MB; Schuh, JC; Kanaly, ST; Williamson, E; Kayagaki, N; Yun, T; Smolak, S; Le, T; Goodwin, R; Gliniak, B
Jan-2007Characterization of the Plasmodium falciparum M17 leucyl aminopeptidase - A protease involved in amino acid regulation with potential for antimalarial drug developmentStack, CM; Lowther, J; Cunningham, E; Donnelly, SM; Gardiner, D; Trenholme, K; Skinner-Adams, TS; Teuscher, F; Grembecka, J; Mucha, A; Kafarski, P; Lua, L; Bell, A; Dalton, JP
2013Characterization of the surface biocompatibility of an electrospun nylon 6/CaP nanofiber scaffold using osteoblastsAbdal-hay, A; Tijing, LD; Lim, JK
2014Characterization of the tail-specific protease (Tsp) from Legionella.Lawrence, A; K Nicholls, S; H Stansfield, S; M Huston, W
Jan-2007Characterization of the triacylglycerol crystal formation in adipose tissue during a vehicle collisionStuart, BH; Notter, SJ; Langlois, NE; Maynard, PJ; Ray, AS; Berkahn, MB
Jan-1993Characterization Of The Type-I Dehydroquinase From Salmonella-TyphiMoore, J; Hawkins, A; Charles, IG; Deka, R; Coggins, J; Cooper, A; Kelly, S; Price, N
5-Dec-2014Characterization of the Use of Social Media in Natural Disasters: A Systematic ReviewAbedin, BA; Babar, AB; Abbasi, AA; Chen
Jan-2013Characterization of volatile organic compounds from human analogue decomposition using thermal desorption coupled to comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-time-of-flight mass spectrometryStadler, S; Stefanuto, P; Brokl, M; Forbes, SL; Focant, J
Jan-2009Characterizations of Colloidal Organic Matter Isolated from Surface WaterKwon, B; Shon, H; Cho, J
Mar-2016Characterizations of matrix and operator-valued Φ-entropies, and operator Efron-Stein inequalities.Cheng, H-C; Hsieh, M-H
Jan-2004Characterizations Of Quantum AutomataQiu, D; Ying, M
Jan-2005Characterize the indoor multipath propagation for MIMO communicationsTang, Z; Sanagavarapu, AM; NA
Mar-2014Characterizing dynamic properties of retinal vessels in the rat eye using high speed imaging.Golzan, SM; Butlin, M; Kouchaki, Z; Gupta, V; Avolio, A; Graham, SL
Jan-2008Characterizing photonic crystal waveguides with an expanded k-space evanescent coupling techniqueLee, M; Grillet, C; Poulton, CG; Monat, C; Smith, C; Magi, E; Freeman, D; Madden, S; Luther-Davies, B; Eggleton, BJ
-Characterizing Quantum Supremacy in Near-Term DevicesBoixo, S; Isakov, SV; Smelyanskiy, VN; Babbush, R; Ding, N; Jiang, Z; Bremner, MJ; Martinis, JM; Neven, H
1-Jan-2015Characterizing variants of qualitative Sugeno integrals in a totally ordered Heyting algebraDubois, D; Rico, A; Teheux, B; Prade, H; Alonso, JM; Bustince, H; Reformat, M
27-Jan-2014Characterness: An Indicator of Text in the WildLi, Y; Jia, W; Shen, C; van den Hengel, A