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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015ChloroMitoSSRDB 2.00: more genomes, more repeats, unifying SSRs search patterns and on-the-fly repeat detection.Sablok, G; Padma Raju, GV; Mudunuri, SB; Prabha, R; Singh, DP; Baev, V; Yahubyan, G; Ralph, PJ; La Porta, N
Apr-2013ChloroMitoSSRDB: open source repository of perfect and imperfect repeats in organelle genomes for evolutionary genomics.Sablok, G; Mudunuri, SB; Patnana, S; Popova, M; Fares, MA; Porta, NL
Jan-2005Chlorophyll d: the puzzle resolvedLarkum, A; Kuhl, M
Dec-2016Chlorophyll f distribution and dynamics in cyanobacterial beachrock biofilms.Trampe, E; Kühl, M
Jan-2011Chlorophyll fluorescence in reef building coralsWarner, ME; Lesser, MP; Ralph, PJ; Suggett, DJ; Borowitzka, MA; Prasil, O
Jan-2013Chlorophyll-normalized isoprene production in laboratory cultures of marine microalgae and implications for global modelsExton, DA; Suggett, DJ; McGenity, TJ; Steinke, M
1-Nov-2016Chloroplast genomics: Expanding resources for an evolutionary conserved miniature molecule with enigmatic applicationsSablok, G; Mudunuri, SB; Edwards, D; Ralph, PJ
Jan-2008Choicevan Leeuwen, T; Knudsen, SV; Aamotsbakken, B
Jan-2007Choice and Voice: Obesity debates in television newsBonfiglioli, C; Smith, BJ; King, L; Chapman, S; Holding, S
Jan-2012Choice at the pedagogy-technology interface: Interactive whiteboards for learningSchuck, SR; Aubusson, PJ; Kearney, MD; Frischknecht, BD; Burke, PF
Jan-2010Choice between alternative routes to go public: backdoor listing versus IPOBrown, PR; Ferguson, AC; Lam, P; Faff, R
1-Feb-2011Choice blindness and the non-unitary nature of the human mindJohansson, P; Hall, L; Gärdenfors, P
Jan-2009Choice experiments in health: the good, the bad, the ugly and toward a brighter futureLouviere, JJ; Lancsar, E
Jan-2005Choice in the midwifery marketDavis, DL; Wickham, S
Jan-2012Choice modeling and the brain: A study on the Electroencephalogram (EEG) of preferencesKhushaba, RN; Greenacre, LM; Kodagoda, S; Louviere, JJ; Burke, S; Dissanayake, G
Jan-2002Choice modelling and tests of benefit transferMorrison, MD; Bennett, JW; Blamey, R; Louviere, JJ
1-Sep-2013Choice Modelling with Search and Sort Data from Interactive Choice Experiment.Collins, AT; Rose, J; Hess, S
Jan-2009Choice Models Based on Mixed Discrete/continuous PDFsSwait, JRJD
Jan-2001Choice of Collimator for Cardiac SPET When Resulution Compensation is Included in Iterative ReconstructionLau, YH; Hutton, BF; Beekman, FJ
Jan-2012The choice of content by information providers in word of mouth communicationsGreenacre, LM; Burke, PF; Denize, SM; Pearce, R