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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013The Choice of Fiscal Year-end in AustraliaLu, M; Saune, NU; Shan, Y
Mar-2016The choice of phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate differentiation protocol influences the response of THP-1 macrophages to a pro-inflammatory stimulus.Lund, ME; To, J; O'Brien, BA; Donnelly, S
Jan-2006The choice phenomenon in the digital age: is it making us more depressed?Culjak, G; Polyrakis, A
21-Aug-2014'Choice' and 'fairness': the hollow core in industrial relations policyBuchanan, J; Oliver, D; Miller, C; Orchard, L
Jan-2008Choice: Abdicating or ExercisingLeong, T; Howard, S; Vetere, F; Tan, D
Jan-2008Choices and Constraints Over retirement Income Streams: Comparing Rules and RegulationsBateman, H; Thorp, SJ
1-Feb-2014CHOKeR: A novel AQM algorithm with proportional bandwidth allocation and TCP protectionLu, L; Du, H; Liu, RP
Jan-2004Cholesky residuals for assessing normal errors in a linear model with correlated outcomesHouseman, EA; Ryan, LM; Coull, BA
11-Feb-2016Cholesterol Promotes Interaction of the Protein CLIC1 with Phospholipid Monolayers at the Air-Water Interface.Hossain, KR; Al Khamici, H; Holt, SA; Valenzuela, SM
Jul-2015Cholesterol sensing by the ABCG1 lipid transporter: Requirement of a CRAC motif in the final transmembrane domain.Sharpe, LJ; Rao, G; Jones, PM; Glancey, E; Aleidi, SM; George, AM; Brown, AJ; Gelissen, IC
Jan-2002Cholesterol-lowering therapy with pravastin in patients with average cholesterol levels and established ischaemic heart disease: is it cost-effective?Glasziou, PP; Eckermann, SD; Mulray, SE; Simes, RJ; Martin, AJ; Kirby, AC; Hall, JP; Caleo, S; White, HD; Tonkin, AM
2017Choosing a Doctor: Does presentation format affect the way consumers use health care performance information?Kenny, PM; Goodall, S; Street, D; Greene, J
Jan-2011Choosing between the EORTC QLQ-C30 and FACT-G for measuring health-related quality of life in cancer clinical research: issues, evidence and recommendationsLuckett, T; King, MT; Butow, P; Oguchi, M; Rankin, N; Price, M; Hackl, N; Heading, G
Jan-2007Choosing Disability: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Negative EnhancementKarpin, IA
Jan-2003Choosing LSI Dimensions by Document Linear Association AnalysisShi, C; Lu, J; Arabnia, HR
Jan-2003Choosing LSI Dimensions by Word Vector Linear Association AnalysisShi, C; Lu, J; Callaos, N; Di Sciullo, A; Ohta, T; Liu, T
Jan-2004Choosing museums: the application of discrete choice modelling in predicting increased visitor frequency.Burton, C; Louviere, JJ; Young, LC; -
Jul-2012Choosing nursing: becoming, staying, flourishingPerry, L
1-Jan-2013Choosing Public Transport-Incorporating Richer Behavioural Elements in Modal Choice ModelsHensher, DA; Rose, JM; Leong, W; Tirachini, A; Li, Z
Jan-2009Choosing the Right TechnologyMorgan, L; Brady, IK