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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Nov-2017The Changing Landscape for the Public Sector: The challenges of building digital bridgesBruce, S; Pham, K; Ryan, R
1-Jan-2015The changing landscape of health care provision to American Indian nationsRainie, SC; Jorgensen, M; Cornell, S; Arsenault, J
Jan-2006The Changing Meaning of De Facto RelationshipsMillbank, J
Jan-2010Changing Model Of Nursing Care From Individual Patient Allocation To Team Nursing In The Acute Inpatient EnvironmentFairbrother, G; Jones, A; Rivas, K
Jan-2007Changing Museum Environments: Global Articulations of the 'Video Text' (1968-1990)Manasseh, C
2011The changing nature of participation in design : a practice-based study of social technologies in early design researchHagen, PA
1-Mar-2014Changing our Tune: Scoping the potential of the Australian music industry to address climate changeBerry, F; Wynne, LE; Riedy, C
12-Oct-2015Changing paradigms in corporate governance: new cycles and new responsibilitiesClarke, T
Jan-2007The changing paradigms of project managementPollack, JB
Mar-2011The changing pattern of pediatric burns.Abeyasundara, SL; Rajan, V; Lam, L; Harvey, JG; Holland, AJA
Dec-2015Changing patterns of active travel in Sydney? An analysis of commuter trips 2001 to 2011Meade, DT
2016Changing Payment Processes: Impact on Supply ChainsScerri, M; Agarwal, R
Jan-2008Changing Pedagogy: Vocational Learning and AssessmentBoud, DJ; Hawke, GA; Falchikov, N; Murphy, P; McCormick, R
Jan-2011Changing Perioperative Practice In An Indonesian Hospital: Part I Of IiHamlin, L; Brown, DM
Jan-2006The changing political economy of Australian immigrationCollins, J
Jan-2011The Changing Political Identity of the Overseas Chinese in AustraliaFeng, C
2009Changing power balance in matrix organizationsSaracoglu, NED
1-Jan-2015Changing practice towards inquiry-oriented learningKirkup, L; Weaver, GC; Burgess, WD; Childress, AL; Slakey, L
2015Changing practices, changing educationManidis, M
Jan-2008Changing Relations between Government and Citizen: Administrative Law and the Work of the Australian Commonwealth OmbudsmanStuhmcke, AG