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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Construction Of Building Blocks For Extended Porphyrin Arrays By Nitration Of Porphyrin-2,3-Diones And Quinoxalino[2,3-B]PorphyrinsCrossley, M; Sheehan, C; Khoury, T; Reimers, JR; Sintic, P
Jan-2013The construction of causal networks to estimate coral bleaching intensityKrug, LA; Gherardi, DF; Stech, JL; Leão, ZM; Kikuchi, RK; Junior, ER; Suggett, DJ
Jan-2001A construction of higher-rank lattice rulesLangtry, T
Jan-2007The Construction of Optimal Stated Choice Experiments: Theory and MethodsStreet, D; Burgess, LB
Jan-2011A Construction of Quantum Stabilizer Codes Based on Syndrome Assignment by Classical Parity-Check MatricesLai, C; Lu, C
Jan-2011The construction of regional development in the boardroom: Evidence from New South Wales and Western AustraliaGrant, BJ; Dollery, B; Conway, M
2003The construction of the meaning and significance of an 'author' among information behaviour researchers : a social constructivist approachOlsson, Michael Russell
Jan-2006Construction Price Formation: Full cost Pricing or Neo-Classical Microeconomic TheorySkitmore, M; Runeson, G; Chang, X
1-Oct-2017Construction Project Management: An Experiential Learning Case StudyEr, M
Jan-1998Construction project simulation using CYCLONESawhney, A; Abourizk, S; Halpin, DW
16-May-2016Construction service quality and satisfaction for a targeted housing customerForsythe, PJ
-CONSTRUCTIONSSgro, DM; Chant, A; Solente, OG; Concepts, MS
Jan-2009Constructive confusion or paradigm proliferation: Competing explanations for low construction productivity growthDe Valence, G; Ceric, A; Radujkovic, M
2014Constructive models for contraction with intransitive plausibility indifferenceWilliams, M; Peppas, P
Jan-2011Constructivism in Synchronous and Asynchronous Virtual Learning Environments for a Research Methods CourseStrang, KD
Jan-2005Construing the world: conceptual metaphors and event construals in news storiesBednarek, MA
Jan-2010Consultation, referral and collaboration between midwives and obstetricians: lessons from New Zealand.Skinner, JP; Foureur, M
Jan-2007Consultations With A Naturopath Or Herbalist: The Prevalence Of Use And Profile Of Users Amongst Mid-Aged Women In AustraliaAdams, J; Sibbritt, D; Young, AF
Feb-2014Consultations with complementary and alternative medicine practitioners amongst wider care options for back pain: a study of a nationally representative sample of 1,310 Australian women aged 60-65 yearsMurthy, V; Sibbritt, D; Adams, J; Broom, A; Kirby, E; Refshauge, KM
1-Dec-2015Consultative multi-criteria decision making process for drought securityMukheibir, P; Cole, C; Drinkwater, K; Abeysuriya, K