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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Co-ordination of leaf area, sapwood area and canopy conductance leads to species convergence of tree water use in a remnant evergreen woodland.Zeppel, MJ; Eamus, D
Jan-2005The co-patterning of attitude and field in academic writing: what gets evaluated how?Hood, S
Jan-2008Co-producing careIedema, RA; Sorensen, R; Jorm, C; Piper, DA; Sorensen, R; Iedema, R
Jan-2009Co-Production and Health System Reform - From Re-Imagining To Re-MakingDunston, R; Lee, A; Boud, DJ; Brodie, PM; Chiarella, M
1-Jan-2013Co-Regularized Ensemble for Feature SelectionHan; Yang, Y; Zhou
2017Co-training an Improved Recurrent Neural Network with Probability Statistic Models for Named Entity RecognitionYueqing, S; Lin, L; Zhongwei, X; Qing, X; Xin, L; Xu, G
May-2015The co-transcriptome of uropathogenic Escherichia coli-infected mouse macrophages reveals new insights into host-pathogen interactions.Mavromatis, CH; Bokil, NJ; Totsika, M; Kakkanat, A; Schaale, K; Cannistraci, CV; Ryu, T; Beatson, SA; Ulett, GC; Schembri, MA; Sweet, MJ; Ravasi, T
2016Co-transcriptomic analysis by rna sequencing to simultaneously measure regulated gene expression in host and bacterial pathogenRavasi, T; Mavromatis, CH; Bokil, NJ; Schembri, MA; Sweet, MJ; McCoy, CE
2-Oct-2015CO2 Intensity and the importance of country level differences: An analysis of the relationship between per capita emissions and population densityLongden, T
Jan-2013CO2 Vehicular Emission Statistical Analysis with Instantaneous Speed and Acceleration as Predictor VariablesOduro, SD; Metia, S; Duc, H; Ha, QP; Truong, NV; Nohdholm, S
12-Feb-2016Coaches, Officials and Change Agents in Sport DevelopmentPhillips, P; Schulenkorf, N; Sherry, E; Schulenkorf, N; Phillips, P
Jan-2012Coaching Collaborative Creativity and Innovation: An Action-Based Method for Sustainable Innovation, Learning and Development in Business OrganizationsSankaran, S; Brown, SW; Zuber-Skerritt, O
4-May-2016Coaching in self-efficacy improves care responses, health and well-being in dementia carers: a pre/post-test/follow-up study.Chenoweth, L; Stein-Parbury, J; White, D; McNeill, G; Jeon, Y-H; Zaratan, B
Jan-2014Coagulation and sludge recovery using titanium tetrachlorideZhao, YX; Gao, BY; Zhang, GZ; Qi, QB; Wang, Y; Phuntsho, S; Kim, J-H; Shon, H; Yue, QY; Li, Q
Jan-2011Coagulation characteristics of titanium (Ti) salt coagulant compared with aluminum (Al) and iron (Fe) saltsZhao, Y; Gao, B; Shon, H; Cao, BC; Kim, JH
24-Mar-2017Coagulation performance and floc characteristics of polytitanium tetrachloride (PTC) compared with titanium tetrachloride (TiCl<inf>4</inf>) and ferric chloride (FeCl<inf>3</inf>) in algal turbid waterChekli, L; Eripret, C; Park, SH; Tabatabai, SAA; Vronska, O; Tamburic, B; Kim, JH; Shon, HK
4-Mar-2015Coagulation performance and floc characteristics of polytitanium tetrachloride (PTC) compared with titanium tetrachloride (TiCl<inf>4</inf>) and iron salts in humic acid-kaolin synthetic water treatmentChekli, L; Galloux, J; Zhao, YX; Gao, BY; Shon, HK
17-Aug-2015Coagulation performance and floc characteristics of polytitanium tetrachloride and titanium tetrachloride compared with ferric chloride for coal mining wastewater treatmentGalloux, J; Chekli, L; Phuntsho, S; Tijing, LD; Jeong, S; Zhao, YX; Gao, BY; Park, SH; Shon, HK
Jan-2012Coagulation performance and floc characteristics with polyaluminum chloride using sodium alginate as coagulant aid: A preliminary assessmentZhao, Y; Gao, B; Wang, Y; Shon, H; Bo, XY; Yue, Q
Jan-2012Coagulation performance evaluation of sodium alginate used as coagulant aid with aluminum sulfate, iron chloride and titanium tetrachlorideZhao, Y; Wang, Y; Gao, B; Shon, H; Kim, J; Yue, Q