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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Code equivalence and group isomorphismBabai, L; Codenotti, P; Grochow, JA; Qiao, Y
2016Code of Ethics: A Stratified Vehicle for ComplianceAdelstein, J; Clegg, S
23-May-2016Coded slotted ALOHA schemes for erasure channelsSun, Z; Xie, Y; Yuan, J; Yang, T
Jan-2002Codes of ethics: their evolution, development and other controversiesFarrell, BJ; Cobbin, DM; Farrell, HM
Jan-2010Codesigning As A Discursive Practice In Emergency Health Services: The Architecture Of DeliberationIedema, RA; Merrick, ET; Piper, DA; Britton, KL; Gray, J; Verma, R; Manning, N
Jan-2013Codifying Value in Land Value TaxationMangioni, V
Jan-2011Coding for Responsiveness: on the genesis of a coding system to analyse designer's talkMcLaughlin, SM; Roozenburg, NFM; Chen, LL; Stappers, PJ
2011The coding masterpiece: a framework for the formal pathways and processes of health classificationPrice, E; Robinson, K
Jan-2013Coercion and the Corruption of Care in Mental Health Nursing: Lessons from a Case StudyHutchinson, M; Jackson, DE; Walter, G; Cleary, M
Jan-2010Coetzee on FilmDovey, L; Dovey, T; Bradshaw, G; Neill, M
2006A coevolutionary framework for engaging trading partners in interorganisational e-commerceMcCabe, B
Jan-2008CoexistenceBooth, DJ; Murray, B; Jørgensen, SE; Fath, BD
Jan-2007Coexistence of 'old' and 'new' organizational practices: Transitory phenomenon or enduring feature?Dunford, R; Palmer, IC; Benveniste, J; Crawford, JD
Jan-2002Coffee and the business of pleasure: the case of Harbucks vs. Mr TweekRhodes, CH
Jan-2014Coffee, tea, and caffeinated cognitionMaglio, S; Chan, EY; Cotte, J; Wood, S
1-Nov-2015CogBoost: Boosting for Fast Cost-Sensitive Graph ClassificationPan, S; Wu, J; Zhu, X
Jan-2011Cogging torque reduction for radially laminated flux-switching permanent magnet machine with 12/14 polesXu, W; Zhu, J; Zhang, Y; Hu, J; NA
2009Cogging torque reduction in axial flux machines for small wind turbinesHsieh, M; Ekram, S; Dorrell, D; IEEE Magnetics Society
Jan-2009Cogging Torque Reduction in Axial Flux Machines for Small Wind TurbinesHsieh, M; Dorrell, DG; Yeh, Y; Ekram, S; Technical Committees, IEEE