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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Jul-2015Collaboration to improve constructability in detailed design phase – can bim and relational contracting help?Abd Al-Salam, M; Forsythe, PJ
Jan-2010Collaboration Within Different Settings: A Study Of Co-Located And Distributed Multidisciplinary Medical Team MeetingsRobertson, TJ; Li, J; O'Hara, K; Hansen, SK
1-Jan-2016Collaboration, cooperation, communication, contact and competenciesThistlethwaite, JE
Jan-2013Collaboration: A solution to the challenge of conducting nursing research in cardiac rehabiliationGallagher, RD; Sadler, L; Kirkness, A; Belshaw, J; Roach, K; warrington, D
Jan-2006Collaborative analysis framework for evaluating interactive art experienceBilda, Z; Costello, BM; Amitani, S
2009Collaborative and cross-company project management within the automotive industry using the Balanced ScorecardNiebecker, KD
Jan-2010Collaborative and cross-company project management within the automotive industry using the Balanced ScorecardNiebecker, KD; Eager, DM; Moulton, BD
Jan-2004A collaborative approach for managing project cost for poor quality.Malmi, T; Jarvinen, P; Lillrank, P
2014A collaborative approach to embedding academic literacies in first year grant projectsGriffiths, N; Aitken, A; Egea, K
17-Jan-2018Collaborative Approaches to Government Travel Advisories in Australia between Australia's Travel Industry Leadership and the Australian Depertment of Foriegn Affairs and Trade 2003-2017Beirman, D
Jan-2014Collaborative approaches towards building midwifery capacity in low income countries: A reviewof experiencesDawson, A; Brodie, PM; Copeland, FH; Rumsey, M; Homer, CS
23-Jun-2017Collaborative auto-hermeneutics: Methodological openings and possibilities for studying information experienceNarayan, B; Latham, K; Gorichanaz, T
Jan-2010Collaborative capability in R&D alliances: exploring the link between organisational- and individual-level factorsKnudsen, LG; Nielsen, BB
2009Collaborative coding in the cloud : providing a paradigm shift to the way software development is achieved in environments of the futureLovell, D
Jan-2002Collaborative CreativityMamykina, L; Candy, L; Edmonds, EA
Jan-2008Collaborative cultural practices of activist networks in contemporary IndonesiaCrosby, AL; Vicziany, AM; Cribb, R
Jan-2011Collaborative development of an online pharmacy experiential learning databaseOwen, S; Ryan, G; Woulfe, J; McKauge, L; Stupans, I
31-Dec-2017Collaborative Filtering via Different Preference StructuresLiu, S; Pang, N; Xu, G; Liu, H
1-Jan-2015Collaborative filtering with entropy-driven user similarity in recommender systemsWang, W; Zhang, G; Lu, J
Jan-2006A collaborative framework for designers and developers of software intensive systemsHuang, M; Kong, J; Song, G; Zhang, K; Shen, W