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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1998CLICK-IT: Interactive Television For Sports Action ReplayRees, D; Agbinya, JI; Stone, N; Chen, F; Seneviratne, S; de Burgh, M; Burch, A; NA
Jan-2005Client and agency mental models in evaluating advertisingDevinney, TM; Dowling, GR; Collins, M
Jan-2009Client and Consultant Interaction: Capturing Social Practices of professional service productionNikolova, N; Reihlen, M; Schlapfner, J
Jan-2008Client and consultant interaction: Capturing social practices of professional service productionNikolova, N; Reihlen, M; Schlapfner, J; Solomon, G
Jan-2010Client influence and advertising standardization: A survey of ad agenciesWaller, DS; Shao, AT; Bao, Y
Jan-2002Client Needs and the Design Process in Web ProjectsEklund, J; Lowe, DB
Jan-2007The Client-Consultant Relationship in Professional Business Service FirmsNikolova, N
1-Jan-2013Climate action upsurge: The ethnography of climate movement politicsRosewarne, S; Goodman, J; Pearse, R
14-May-2014Climate Adaptation Manual for Local Government: Embedding Resilience to Climate ChangeJane Inglis; Stella Whittaker; Andrew Dimitriadis; Stefanie Pillora
Jan-2013Climate adaptation research for the next generationMustelin, J; Kuruppu, N; Matus Kramer, A; Daron, J; de Bruin, K; Guerra Noriega, A
24-Aug-2016Climate ChangeRiedy, CJ; Ritzer, G
30-May-2016Climate Change & Energy PolicyNettleton, SJ
2012Climate change - whose responsibility? : from the personal to the globalKent, JC
Jan-2013Climate Change Adaptation and the Rental SectorInstone, L; Mee, K; Palmer, JM; Williams, M; Vaughan, N
Jan-2013Climate change adaptation for Australian minerals industry professionalsMason, LM; Giurco, D
2015Climate Change Adaptation in the Rental SectorInstone, L; Mee, K; Palmer, JM; Williams, M; Vaughan, N; Palutikof, JP; Boulter, SL; Barnett, J; Rissik, D
Jan-2007Climate Change and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Intersection of Corporate Environmental LawBubna-Litic, K
2018Climate change and food security: a Sri Lankan perspectiveEsham, M; Jacobs, B; Rosairo, HSR; Siddighi, BB
Jan-2013Climate change and futures epistemologies: Tensions, trends and possibilities in climate discourses epitomised by three prominent climate expertsMcGrail, S
Jan-2012Climate Change And Global Development: Towards A Post-Kyoto Paradigm?Goodman, J