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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2007An Adaptive Power and Bit Allocation Algorithm for Multiple User MIMO OFDM System Employing Zero-Forcing Multi-user DetectionUthansakul, P; Bialkowski, ME
2007Adaptive power control for UMTSPatachaianand, R
Jan-2002Adaptive probabilistic neural network-based crane type selection systemSawhney, A; Mund, A
Jan-2010Adaptive pruning algorithm for least squares support vector machine classifierYang, X; Lu, J; Zhang, G
Nov-2013Adaptive quantum state tomography improves accuracy quadratically.Mahler, DH; Rozema, LA; Darabi, A; Ferrie, C; Blume-Kohout, R; Steinberg, AM
16-Jun-2017Adaptive Reuse Of Civic BuildingsWilkinson, SJ; Yazdani Mehr,, S; Skates, H; Amoêda, R; Lira, S; Pinheiro, C
2017Adaptive reuse of Sydney offices and sustainabilityWilkinson, SJ; Remoy, H
16-Oct-2014An adaptive RRM scheme for smart grid M2M applications over a WiMAX networkKhan, RH; Mahata, K; Brown, J
2014Adaptive sampling for spatial prediction in wireless sensor networksNguyen, VL
2013Adaptive Scale Adjustment Design of Unsharp Masking Filters for Image Contrast EnhancementKwok, NM; Shi, H; Fang, G; Ha, QP; Wang, X; Yeung, DS
8-Jun-2015Adaptive Searching and Tracking Algorithm for AoA Estimation in Localized Hybrid ArrayZhang, J; Huang, X; Guo, Y
28-Jun-2017Adaptive Second-order Sliding Mode Control of UAVs for Civil ApplicationsHoang, VT; Phung, MD; Singh, AM; Ha, QP
2014Adaptive Sequential Posterior Simulators for Massively Parallel Computing EnvironmentsDurham, G; Geweke, J; Jeliazkov, I; Poirier, D
Jan-2009Adaptive shared control strategies based on the Bayesian recursive technique for an intelligent wheelchairTrieu, T; Willey, K; Nguyen, HT; Zhi-Pei Liang
Jan-2006The adaptive significance of reptilian viviparity in the tropics: Testing the maternal manipulation hypothesisWebb, JK; Shine, R; Christian, KA
Jan-2006Adaptive sliding mode control for civil structure using magnetorheological dampersNguyen, T; Kwok, N; Ha, QP; Li, J; Samali, B; N/A
1-Jan-2015Adaptive sliding mode control method for DC-DC convertersShen, L; Lu, DDC; Li, C
26-Sep-2013Adaptive Space Time - Time Division Multiple Access (AST-TDMA) protocol for an underwater swarm of AUV'sBurrowes, GE; Brown, J; Khan, JY
Jan-2007An Adaptive Step Size Power Control with Transmit Power Control Commands Aided Mobility EstimationPatachaianand, R; Sandrasegaran, K; Hamza, MH
Jan-2010Adaptive Stick-Like Features for Human Detection Based on Multi-scale Feature Fusion SchemeWang, W; Du, R; Wu, Q; He, S; Zhang, J; Shen, C; Geers, G; Wu, Q