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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jun-2017Cohousing for Seniors: Literature ReviewRiedy, CJ; Wynne, L; McKenna, K; Daly, M
Jan-2013Coiffures et postiches: extravagances capillaires au XVIIIe siecleMcNeil, PK
Feb-2011Coincident parasite and CD8 T cell sequestration is required for development of experimental cerebral malaria.McQuillan, JA; Mitchell, AJ; Ho, YF; Combes, V; Ball, HJ; Golenser, J; Grau, GE; Hunt, NH
Jan-1992A Cointegration Analysis Of Treasury Bill YieldsHall, T; Anderson, HM; Granger, C
Jun-2017Cold adaptation of the Antarctic haloarchaea Halohasta litchfieldiae and Halorubrum lacusprofundiWilliams, TJ; Liao, Y; Ye, J; Kuchel, RP; Poljak, A; Raftery, MJ; Cavicchioli, R
Jan-2011Cold application for neuromuscular recovery following intense lower-body exercisePointon, M; Duffield, R; Cannon, J; Marino, F
1-Jan-2015Cold water immersion did not accelerate recovery after a futsal matchMoreira, A; Costa, EC; Coutts, AJ; Nakamura, FY; da Silva, DA; Aoki, MS
Jan-2012Cold water immersion recovery following intermittent-sprint exercise in the heat.Pointon, M; Duffield, R; Cannon, J; Marino, FE
Jan-2012Cold water immersion recovery following simulated collision sport exercisePointon, M; Duffield, R
Dec-2012Colicin-like bacteriocins as novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of chronic biofilm-mediated infection.Brown, CL; Smith, K; McCaughey, L; Walker, D
5-Dec-2015Collabor8: (Re-) Engaging female secondary cohorts in STEM subjectsHolland, BE; Ronca, M; Oo, A; Patel, A; Hilditch, T; Chandran, S
Dec-2017Collaborating with medicine? Perceptions of Australian naturopaths on integrating within the conventional medical systemWardle, J; Steel, A; Lauche, R; Adams, J
Nov-2015Collaboration amongst clinical nursing leadership teams: a mixed-methods sequential explanatory study.Lamont, S; Brunero, S; Lyons, S; Foster, K; Perry, L
Jan-2008Collaboration Amongst Practitioners, Associations and Academia: a case study in practiceAlgeo, CT; Birchmore Roger
Jan-2013Collaboration as a Strategic Service in Government Online CommunitiesSmith, S; Winchester, D; Clegg, SR; Pang, VY
Jan-2001Collaboration in Maternity Care: A randomised controlled trial comparing community-based continuity of care with standard hospital careHomer, CS; Davis, GK; Brodie, PM; Sheehan, A; Barclay, L; Wills, J; Chapman, M
2018Collaboration of Multiple Autonomous Industrial Robots through Optimal Base Placementshassan, M; liu, D; Paul, G
8-Jul-2015Collaboration to improve constructability in detailed design phase – can bim and relational contracting help?Abd Al-Salam, M; Forsythe, PJ
Jan-2010Collaboration Within Different Settings: A Study Of Co-Located And Distributed Multidisciplinary Medical Team MeetingsRobertson, TJ; Li, J; O'Hara, K; Hansen, SK