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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012A Cost-Effective Mechanism for Cloud Data Reliability Management based on Proactive Replica CheckingLi, W; Yang, Y; Chen, J; Yuan, D; Balaji, P; Buyya, R; Majumdar, S; Pandey, S
Jan-2012A Cost-Effective System Design Approach for Vehicle Positioning Using GNSS/INS IntegrationKong, X; Liu, L; Tran, TP
Jan-2010Cost-effectiveness analysis as a methodology to compare sanitation options in peri-urban Can Tho, VietnamWilletts, JR; Carrard, NR; Retamal, ML; Mitchell, CA; Nguyen, H; Nguyen, DGN; Paddon, M; IRC
Jan-2004Cost-effectiveness analysis of the New South Wales adult drug court programShanahan, M; Lancsar, E; Haas, MR; Lind, B; Weatherburn, D; Chen, S
Jan-2008Cost-effectiveness analysis of WELS: the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards schemeChong, J; Kazaglis, A; Giurco, D
Jan-2013Cost-effectiveness of 12-month treatment with Ticagrelor compared to Clopidogrel in the management of acute coronary syndromesLiew, D; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Adena, M; Chim, L; Aylward, P
Jan-2006Cost-effectiveness of a primary care treatment program for depression in low-income women Santiago, ChileAraya, R; Flynn, TN; Rojas, G; Fritsch, R; Simon, G
Jan-2010Cost-effectiveness of a programme to detect and provide better care for female victims of intimate partner violenceNorman, R; Spencer, A; Eldridge, S; Feder, G
Jan-2005Cost-effectiveness of a school-based Tay-Sachs and cystic fibrosis genetic carrier screening programWarren, E; Anderson, R; Proos, AI; Burnett, L; Barlow-Stewart, K; Hall, JP
Jan-2013Cost-effectiveness of an advance notification letter to increase colorectal cancer screeningCronin, PA; Goodall, S; Lockett, T; O'Keefe, C; Norman, R; Church, J
Jan-2012Cost-effectiveness of carrier screening for cystic fibrosis in AustraliaNorman, R; Van Gool, K; Hall, JP; Delatycki, M; Massie, J
Jan-2008The cost-effectiveness of cervical screening in Australia: What is the impact of screening at different intervals or over a different age-range?Anderson, R; Haas, MR; Shanahan, M
Jan-2012The cost-effectiveness of falls prevention interventions for older community-dwelling AustraliansChurch, J; Goodall, S; Norman, R; Haas, MR
Jan-2011Cost-effectiveness of general practice care for low back pain: A systematic reviewLin, C; Haas, MR; Maher, G; Machado, L; van Tulder, M
Jan-2011Cost-effectiveness of guideline-endorsed treatments for low back pain: A systematic reviewLin, C; Haas, MR; Maher, G; Machado, L; van Tulder, M
Jan-2011Cost-effectiveness of health care interventions to address intimate partner violence: What do we know and what else should we look for?Gold, L; Norman, R; Devine, A; Feder, G; Taft, A; Hegarty, K
Jan-2012Cost-effectiveness of Identification and Referral to Improve Safety (IRIS), a domestic violence training and support programme for primary care: a modelling study based on a randomised controlled trialDevine, A; Spencer, A; Eldridge, S; Norman, R; Feder, G
Jan-2013The cost-effectiveness of lumbar artificial intervertebral disc replacement: driven by the choice of comparatorParkinson, BT; Goodall, S; Thavaneswaran, P
Jan-2013The cost-effectiveness of mandatory folic acid fortification in AustraliaRabovskaja, V; Parkinson, BT; Goodall, S
10-Nov-2016Cost-effectiveness of professional pharmacy services in community pharmacy: a systematic review.Malet-Larrea, A; Garcia-Cardenas, V; Saez-Benito, L; Benrimoj, SI; Calvo, B; Goyenechea, E