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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Feb-2016A Collaborative Strategic Approach to Tourism Recovery in Nepal Following the April 25, 2015 EarthquakeBeirman, D
Jan-2011Collaborative Systems for Narrative ConstructionHills, DL; Candy, L; Edmonds, E
Jan-2013A collaborative task planning and development environment on the Cloud/GridHoang, DB; Phung, HM; Lawrence, EM; Jo-Yew, THAM; Wee-Seng, SOH
Jan-2010A Collaborative Task Planning and Development Environment on the GridPhung, M; Hoang, DB; Lawrence, EM; Sumitra Reddy
Jan-2011Collaborative teaching and learning: overcoming the digital divide?Chelliah, J; Clarke, E
Jan-2010Collaborative Team Project ManagementChaczko, ZC; Chiu, CC; Lucas, J; Chaczko, Z; Klempous, R; Nikodem, J
1-Mar-2018Collaborative text categorization via exploiting sparse coefficientsYao, L; Sheng, QZ; Wang, X; Wang, S; Li, X; Wang, S
2015Collaborative wellness through dynamic role alignmentRose, John Frederick
2017Collaborative, epistemic discourse in classroom information seeking tasksKnight, S; Mercer, N
Jan-2011Collagenolytic Activities of the Major Secreted Cathepsin L Peptidases Involved in the Virulence of the Helminth Pathogen, Fasciola hepaticaRobinson, MW; Corvo, I; Jones, PM; George, AM; Padula, M; To, J; Cancela, M; Rinaldi, G; Tort, JF; Roche, L; Dalton, JP
Jan-2011Collapsing (New) Buildings: Town planning, history and music in Hubertus Siegert's Berlin Babylon (2001).Hurley, AW
Jan-2012Collateral Damage: The impact of Australian asylum seeker policy on Christmas Islanders (2001-2011)Briskman, L; Fiske, LI; Dimasi, M
Jan-2002The collation of forensic DNA case data into a multi-dimensional intelligence databaseWalsh, SJ; Moss, DS; Kleim, C; Vintiner, GM
2002The collation of forensic DNA case data into a multidimensional intelligence databaseMoss, DS; Vintiner, GM; Kleim, C; Walsh, SJ
2014Collected works related to the development of the modern cochlear implantWilson, BS
1-Dec-2013Collecting aboriginal stories for education through immersionKutay, C; Pan, Z; Cheok, AD; Müller, W; Iurgel, I; Petta, P; Urban, B
2016Collecting musical prints in late eighteenth-century England: Taste, self-improvement and John Bland's 'portrait series'Davison, A
-Collecting PlacesGothe, J; DeLys, S; Kouyoumdjian, S; Neumark, N; Turnbull, D
2011A collection of nothingHendel, Tegan Ella.
Jan-2011The Collection of Physical Knowledge and Its Application in Intelligent SystemsJohnston, BG; Schmidhuber, J; Th´orisson, KR; Looks, M