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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Cross-Protection Of Chicken Immunoglobulin Y Antibodies Against H5N1 And H1N1 Viruses Passively Administered In MiceWallach, M; Webby, RG; Islam, F; Walkden-Brown, S; Emmoth, E; Feinstein, R; Gronvik, K
Jan-2013Cross-scale barriers to climate change adaptation in local government, AustraliaMukheibir, P; Kuruppu, N; Gero, A; Herriman, E
Jan-2012Cross-scale barriers to climate change adaptation in local government, Australia - Draft background reportGero, A; Kuruppu, N; Mukheibir, P
Jan-2012Cross-scale barriers to climate change adaptation in local government, Australia - Workshop One draft reportKuruppu, N; Gero, A; Mukheibir, P; Herriman, J
Jan-2012Cross-scale barriers to climate change adaptation in local government, Australia - Workshop Three reportMukheibir, P; Gero, A; Herriman, J
Jan-2012The cross-section of mutual fund fees dispersionIannotta, G; Navone, M
Jan-2008Cross-section, bedform and bar unit asymmetry in river channel networks: an investigation into morphologic complexity and diversity at multiple spatial scalesRayburg, SC; Neave, M; Thornton, E; Lambert, M; Daniell, T; Leonard, M
2015Cross-sectional analysis of critical risk factors for PPP water projects in ChinaChan, APC; Lam, PTI; Wen, Y; Ameyaw, EE; Wang, SQ; Ke, Y
Jan-2013A cross-sectional analysis of over-the-counter codeine use amongst an Australian sample of people who regularly inject drugsArora, S; Roxburgh, A; Bruno, R; Nielsen, S; Burns, L
Jan-2004A cross-sectional examination of changes in anxiety early after acute myocardial infarction.An, K; De Jong, MJ; Riegel, BJ; McKinley, SM; Garvin, BJ; Doering, L; Moser, D
Jan-2016A cross-sectional study of the clinical characteristics of cancer patients presenting to one tertiary referral emergency departmentOatley, M; Fry, M; Mullen, L
Jan-2011A cross-sectional study on nurses' oral care practice for mechanically ventilated patients in MalaysiaSoh, KL; Soh, K; Japar, S; Raman, RA; Davidson, PM
18-Dec-2014Cross-sector collaborations in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander childhood disability: a systematic integrative review and theory-based synthesisGreen, A; DiGiacomo, M; Luckett, T; Abbott, P; Davidson, PM; Delaney, J; Delaney, P; Shadmi, E; Shi, L
Jan-2014Cross-sector partnership and human services in Australian states and territories: Reflections on a mutable relationshipButcher, J; Dalton, BM
Jan-2012Cross-view and multi-view gait recognitions based on view transformation model using multi-layer perceptronKusakunniran, W; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Li, H
1-Jan-2016Cross-view feature hashing for image retrievalWu, W; Li, B; Chen, L; Zhang, C
Jan-2001Crossed random effect models for multiple outcomes in a study of teratogenesisCoull, BA; Hobert, JP; Ryan, LM; Holmes, LB
Jan-2009Crossing the boundaries: the secret of successful volunteers in a caring roleOnyx, J
Jan-2013Crossing the Bridge over Norman's Gulf of Execution: Revealing Feedforward's True IdentityVermeulen, J; Luyten, K; van den Hoven, E; Coninx, K; Mackay, WE; Brewster, S; Bødker, S
Jan-2007Crossing the chasm: opportunities for academic development as teachers go onlineHousego, SC; Anderson, TK; Crisp, GA; Hicks, M