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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2014Corporeal ethics and the politics of resistance in organizationsPullen, A; Rhodes, C
Jan-2010The Corporeal, The Social And Space/Place: Exploring Intersections From A Midwifery Perspective In New ZealandDavis, DL; Walker, K
2008Corpus modificatus : transmutational belonging and posthuman becomingMassie, R
Jan-2013A corpus-based method for controlling guitar feedbackFerguson, S; Johnston, AJ; Martin, AG; Yeo, WS; Lee, K; Sigman, A; Ji, H; Wakefield, G
Jan-2006Corralling Conflict: The Politics of Australian Federal Heritage Legislation Since the 1970sAshton, P; Cornwall, JL
Jan-2008Correct identification of a sentinel node postselective lymphadenectomy using antimony levelsMoncrieff, M; Scolyer, RA; Thompson, J; Beavis, AB; Uren, RF; Stretch, JR
Jan-2013Correcting for Scale Perception Bias in Measuring Corruption: An Application to Chile and SpainLeon, CJ; Arana Padilla, JE; De Leon, J
25-Mar-2015Correcting the record: Australian prosecutions for manslaughter in the medical contextCarter, DJ
Jan-2011Corrective Classification: Learning From Data Imperfections With Aggressive And Diverse Classifier EnsemblingZhang, Y; Zhu, X; Wu, X; Bond, J
Jan-2009Correlates Of Environmental Factors And Human Plague: An Ecological Study In VietnamPham, H; Dang, D; Minh, N; Nguyen, D; Nguyen, T
2016Correlates of unmet need for contraception in Bangladesh: Does couples' concordance in household decision making matter?Uddin, J; Pulok, MH; Sabah, MNU
Jan-2004Correlating market modelsChoy, B; Dun, T; Schlogl, E
Jul-2014Correlation Analysis of Electromyogram Signals for Multiuser Myoelectric InterfacesKhushaba, RN
Jun-2011Correlation between a self-administered walk test and a standard six minute walk test in adultsDu, H; Davidson, PM; Everett, B; Salamonson, Y; Zecchin, R; Rolley, JX; Newton, PJ; Macdonald, P
30-Aug-2016Correlation between adherence to antiepileptic drugs and quality of life in patients with epilepsy: A longitudinal study.Lin, CY; Chen, H; Pakpour, AH
2014Correlation between Facial Expressions and the Game Experience QuestionnaireTan, CT; Bakkes, S; Pisan, Y
2002Correlation between student performance in linear algebra and categories of a taxonomyReid, A; Petocz, P; Smith, GH; Wood, LN; Vakalis I
Jan-2012Correlation between the structural and optical properties of Mn-doped ZnOTon-That, C; Foley, M; Phillips, M; Tsuzuki, T; Smith, Z
Oct-2016Correlation detection and an operational interpretation of the Rényi mutual informationHayashi, M; Tomamichel, M
Jan-2009The correlation of pore morphology, interconnectivity and physical properties of 3D ceramic scaffolds with bone ingrowthJones, AC; Arns, CH; Hutmacher, DW; Milthorpe, BK; Sheppard, AP; Knackstedt, M