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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Correlation between the structural and optical properties of Mn-doped ZnOTon-That, C; Foley, M; Phillips, M; Tsuzuki, T; Smith, Z
Oct-2016Correlation detection and an operational interpretation of the Rényi mutual informationHayashi, M; Tomamichel, M
Jan-2009The correlation of pore morphology, interconnectivity and physical properties of 3D ceramic scaffolds with bone ingrowthJones, AC; Arns, CH; Hutmacher, DW; Milthorpe, BK; Sheppard, AP; Knackstedt, M
2015Correlations between automated rhetorical analysis and tutors' grades on student essaysSimsek, D; Sándor, Á; Buckingham Shum, S; Ferguson, R; De Liddo, A; Whitelock, D
Jan-2008Correlations between hand preference and cortical thickness in the secondary somatosensory (SII) cortex of the common marmoset, Callithrix jacchusGorrie, C; Waite, P; Rogers, L
Jan-2009Correlations Between Oxygen Affinity and Sequence Classifications of Plant HemoglobinsSmagghe, B; Hoy, J; Percifield, R; Kundu, S; Hargrove, M; Sarath, G; Hilbert, J; Watts, R; Dennis, ES; Peacock, J; Dewilde, S; Moens, L; Blouin, G; Olson, J; Appleby, C
Oct-2016Correspondence Between Urban Bird Roosts and the Presence of Aerosolised Fungal Pathogens.Irga, PJ; Armstrong, B; King, WL; Burchett, M; Torpy, FR
Jan-2010Corridor communication, spatial design and patient safety: Enacting and managing complexitiesIedema, RA; Long, D; Carroll, KE; van Marrewijk, A; Yanow, D
Jan-2007Corridor Conversations: Clinical Communication in Casual SpacesIedema, RA; Rick Iedema
6-Dec-2016Corrigendum: A database of marine phytoplankton abundance, biomass and species composition in Australian waters.Davies, CH; Coughlan, A; Hallegraeff, G; Ajani, P; Armbrecht, L; Atkins, N; Bonham, P; Brett, S; Brinkman, R; Burford, M; Clementson, L; Coad, P; Coman, F; Davies, D; Dela-Cruz, J; Devlin, M; Edgar, S; Eriksen, R; Furnas, M; Hassler, C; Hill, D; Holmes, M; Ingleton, T; Jameson, I; Leterme, SC; Lønborg, C; McLaughlin, J; McEnnulty, F; McKinnon, AD; Miller, M; Murray, S; Nayar, S; Patten, R; Pritchard, T; Proctor, R; Purcell-Meyerink, D; Raes, E; Rissik, D; Ruszczyk, J; Slotwinski, A; Swadling, KM; Tattersall, K; Thompson, P; Thomson, P; Tonks, M; Trull, TW; Uribe-Palomino, J; Waite, AM; Yauwenas, R; Zammit, A; Richardson, AJ
30-Oct-2014Corrigendum: A highly adjustable magnetorheological elastomer base isolator for applications of real-time adaptive control (2013 Smart Mater. Struct. 22 095020)Li, Y; Li, J; Tian, T; Li, W
Jan-2012CorrLog: Correlated Logistic Models for Joint Prediction of Multiple LabelsBian, W; Lawrence, N; Girolami, M
Jan-2013Corruption and Gambling in SportThorpe, DE
2005Corruption in cultural context: Contradictions within the Korean traditionDalton, B
Jan-2005Corruption in cultural context: Contradictions within the Korean traditionDalton, BM
Jan-2013The Corruption of Benjamin BoothbyMoore, PL
5-May-2017Corruption, corporate governance and building institutions in the Asia-Pacificdela Rama, MJ; Rowley, C; dela Rama, MJ
Jan-2012Cortical Gyrification And Sulcal Spans In Early Stage Alzheimer'S DiseaseLiu, TT; Lipnicki, D; Zhu, W; Tao, D; Zhang, C; Cui, Y; Jin, J; Sachdev, P; Wen, W
Jan-2005Cosa de HombresWallen, LP; Garcia, JC; Menchero, J
Jan-2006The Cosine Simplex AlgorithmCorley, HW; Rosenberger, J; Yeh, W; Sung, TK