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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Cost and utilisation of healthcare resources during rehabilitation after ankle fracture are not linked to health insurance, income, gender, or pain: An observational studyLin, C; Haas, MR; Moseley, A; Herbert, R; Refshauge, K
Jan-2003Cost Benefit Factor Analysis in e-ServicesLu, J; Zhang, G
Jan-2009Cost effective and sustainable? Photovoltaic rebate program in AustraliaGe, J; Ding, GK; IEEE
Jan-2007A cost effective approach for integrity assessment of timber bridgesLi, J; Samali, B; Crews, KI; Moss, P; Dhakal, R
2014Cost effective filtration system to improve the water quality in rainwater tanksKus, BG
Jan-2010Cost effectiveness and sustainability of sanitation options: A case study of South Can Tho - Technical ReportWilletts, JR; Carrard, NR; Retamal, ML; Nguyen, DGN; Paddon, M; Do, XTD; Nguyen, HTT; Mitchell, CA
1-Aug-2009A cost in planning for prosperous economies?-
Jan-2007The cost management system in China - The impact of social and economic reforms in the construction industryDing, GK; Smith, PV; Yan, L; Zou, P; Newton, S; Wang, J
1-Nov-2016The cost of implementing new accounting standards: The case of IFRS adoption in AustraliaLoyeung, A; Matolcsy, ZP; Weber, J; Wells, P
1987The cost of methadone maintenance services: a comparison of between public clinics and private practitioner programsBaldwin, RJ
Jan-2010Cost of piracy: A comparative voyage approachBendall, HB
Jan-2004Cost of Risk Transfer: Pricing Agreements in ResidentialWalsh, KD; Bashford, HH; Sawhney, A; Witjakso, A
Jan-2013The Cost Of Using Donor Human Milk In The NICU To Achieve Exclusively Human Milk Feeding Through 32 Weeks Postmenstrual AgeCarroll, KE; Herrmann, K
Jan-2005Cost recovery for urban sanitation in Asian countries: insurmountable barrier or opportunity for sustainability?Abeysuriya, K; Mitchell, CA; Willetts, JR; NA
Jan-2010Cost Sensitive Classification in Data MiningQin, Z; Zhang, C; Wang, T; Zhang, S; Longbing, C; Yong, F; Jiang, Z
Jan-2012Cost Thresholds, Cut-Offs And Sensitivities In Stated Choice Analysis: Identification And ImplicationsCampbell, D; Hensher, D; Scarpa, R
Jan-1992A Cost Utility Analysis Of Mammography Screening In AustraliaHall, JP; Gerard, K; Salkeld, G; Richardson, J
Jan-1999A Cost-Benefit Analysis Of Leaves Of Eight Australian Savanna Tree Species Of Differing Leaf Life-SpanEamus, D; Myers, B; Duff, G; Williams, RP
Jan-2009Cost-benefit factor analysis in e-services using bayesian networksLu, J; Bai, C; Zhang, G
Jan-2005Cost-Constrained Data Acquisition For Intelligent Data PreparationZhu, X; Wu, X