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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008The cost-effectiveness of cervical screening in Australia: What is the impact of screening at different intervals or over a different age-range?Anderson, R; Haas, MR; Shanahan, M
Jan-2012The cost-effectiveness of falls prevention interventions for older community-dwelling AustraliansChurch, J; Goodall, S; Norman, R; Haas, MR
Jan-2011Cost-effectiveness of general practice care for low back pain: A systematic reviewLin, C; Haas, MR; Maher, G; Machado, L; van Tulder, M
Jan-2011Cost-effectiveness of guideline-endorsed treatments for low back pain: A systematic reviewLin, C; Haas, MR; Maher, G; Machado, L; van Tulder, M
Jan-2011Cost-effectiveness of health care interventions to address intimate partner violence: What do we know and what else should we look for?Gold, L; Norman, R; Devine, A; Feder, G; Taft, A; Hegarty, K
Jan-2012Cost-effectiveness of Identification and Referral to Improve Safety (IRIS), a domestic violence training and support programme for primary care: a modelling study based on a randomised controlled trialDevine, A; Spencer, A; Eldridge, S; Norman, R; Feder, G
Jan-2013The cost-effectiveness of lumbar artificial intervertebral disc replacement: driven by the choice of comparatorParkinson, BT; Goodall, S; Thavaneswaran, P
Jan-2013The cost-effectiveness of mandatory folic acid fortification in AustraliaRabovskaja, V; Parkinson, BT; Goodall, S
10-Nov-2016Cost-effectiveness of professional pharmacy services in community pharmacy: a systematic review.Malet-Larrea, A; Garcia-Cardenas, V; Saez-Benito, L; Benrimoj, SI; Calvo, B; Goyenechea, E
2006The cost-effectiveness of screening programs using single and multiple birth cohort simulations: a comparison using a model of cervical cancerDewilde, S; Anderson, R
2015Cost-effectiveness of term induction of labour using inpatient prostaglandin gel versus outpatient Foley catheterAustin, K; Chambers, GM; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Madan, A; Susic, D; Henry, A
12-Mar-2007Cost-Oriented Selection and Delivery of e-Content over Various Wireless NetworksMuntean, CH; Muntean, G
Jan-2012Cost-sensitive Classification with Deficient Labeled DataWang, T; Qin, Z; Zhang, S; Zhang, C
Jan-2013Cost-sensitive classification with k-nearest neighborsQin, Z; Wang, T; Zhang, C; Zhang, S
1-Aug-2013Cost-sensitive classification with k-nearest neighborsQin, Z; Wang, AT; Zhang, C; Zhang, S
Jan-2004Cost-Sensitive Decision Trees with Multiple Cost ScalesQin, Z; Zhang, S; Zhang, C; Webb, I; Xinhuo, Y
Jan-2007Cost-Sensitive Imputing Missing Values with OrderingZhu, X; Zhang, S; Zhang, J; Zhang, C; Holte, RC; Adele; Howe
2016A Cost-Sensitive Learning Strategy for Feature Extraction from Imbalanced DataBraytee, A; liu; kennedy; Akira Hirose; Seiichi Ozawa; Kenji Doya; Kazushi Ikeda; Minho Lee; Derong Liu
Jan-2008Cost-sensitive Semi-supervised Classification using CS-EMQin, Z; Zhang, S; Liu, L; Wang, T; Wu, Q; He, X; Nguyen, QV; Jia, W; Huang, M
Jan-2007Cost-Time Sensitive Decision Tree with Missing ValuesZhang, S; Zhu, X; Zhang, J; Zhang, C; Zili, Z; Jerg, HS