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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Debt Detection in Social Security by Sequence Classification Using Both Positive and Negative PatternsZhao, Y; Zhang, H; Wu, S; Pei, J; Cao, L; Zhang, C; Bohlscheid, H; Buntine, WL; Grobelnik, M; Mladenic, D; Shawe-Taylor, J
24Debt is not a dirty word: role and use of debt in local governmentJohn Comrie
Jan-2013Debye Parameter Extraction for Characterizing Interaction of TeraHertz Radiation with Human Skin TissueTruong, BC; Hoang, TD; Ha, K; Nguyen, HT
2006A decade of illicit sex in the cityCrofts, P
Jan-2006A decade of illicit sex in the cityCrofts, P
Jan-2004A decade of Post-Apartheid: Is the City in South Africa being Remade?Morris, A
2015Decentralisation and subsidiarity: Concepts and frameworks for emerging economiesRyan, R; Woods, R
Jan-2012Decentralised Energy Costs and Opportunities for VictoriaLangham, E; Dunstan, C; Cooper, C; Moore, DD; Mohr, SH; Ison, N
2015Decentralised energy futures: the changing emissions reduction landscapeMcLennan, B; Florin, N; Giurco, D; Kishita, Y; Itaoka, K; Tezuka, T; Kara, S
1-Jan-2015Decentralised energy futures: the changing emissions reduction landscapeMcLellan, B; Florin, N; Giurco, D; Kishita, Y; Itaoka, K; Tezuka, T
Jan-2013Decentralised Model Predictive Control with Asymptotically Positive RealnessHoang, TD; Savkin, AV; Nguyen, N; Nguyen, HT; Lin, H; Lu, J
Feb-2015Decentralised model predictive control with stability constraints and its application in process controlTuan, HD; Savkin, A; Nguyen, TN; Nguyen, HT
Jan-2011Decentralised Predictive Control of with Energy Dissipation Bounds for Wireless Structural Control ApplicationsTran, T; Ha, QP; Han, CS; Lee, J
Jan-2012Decentralised Predictive Controllers with Parameterised Quadratic Constraints for Nonlinear Interconnected SystemsTran, T; Nguyen Dinh, T; Ha, QP; Nguyen, TV; Vo, BN
Jan-2007Decentralised state feedback control of multiagent systems using reduced-order functional observersHa, QP; Trinh, H; Phat, VN
Jan-2010Decentralised Trade Mitigates The Lemons ProblemMoreno Ruiz, D; Wooders, J
Jan-2005Decentralised wastewater systems: an asset management approachFane, SA; Willetts, JR; Abeysuriya, K; Mitchell, CA; Etnier, C; Johnstone, S
Jan-2012A decentralised water master plan for the City of Sydney - developing the baselineHealey, M; Tyrrell, S; Retamal, ML; Mitchell, CA; Devi, B
Jan-2004Decentralization and Local Processes of Social Development in the PRC: the case of education in a Shanxi country townCarrillo Garcia, B; Cribb, R
2016Decentralization and Subnational Governance: Theory and PraxisRyan, R; Woods, R; Ryan, R; Schoburgh, E