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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Completing the loop: returning learning analytics to teachersKennedy, G; Corrin, L; Lockyer, L; Dawson, S; Williams, D; Mulder, R; Khamis, S; Copeland, S; Hegarty, B; McDonald, J; Loke, SK
1-Dec-2011Complex acoustic intensity in a duct containing an axisymmetric obstructionDuan, W; Kirby, R
12-Mar-2007Complex analog correlating pulsed UWB-receiver in realistic 0-1GHz channelsVerhelst, M; Dehaene, W
17-Oct-2011Complex Bragg grating writing using direct modulation of the optical fiber with flexural wavesOliveira, RA; Marques, CAF; Cook, K; Canning, J; Nogueira, RN; Pohl, AAP
2006Complex decisions : deconstructing best a grounded theory study of infant feeding decisions in the first six weeks post-birthSheehan, A
Jan-2010Complex decisions: theorizing women's infant feeding decisions in the first 6 weeks after birthSheehan, A; Schmied, V; Barclay, L
1-Jan-2015Complex Event Detection using Semantic Saliency and Nearly-Isotonic SVMChang, X; Yang, Y; Xing, EP; Yu, Y-L; Bach, F; Blei, D
1-Jan-2015Complex Event Detection via Event Oriented Dictionary LearningYan, Y; Yang, Y; Shen, H; Meng, D; Liu, GW; Hauptmann, AG; Sebe, N
1-Jan-2013Complex Event Detection via Multi-Source Video AttributesMa; Yang, Y; Xu; Sebe; Yan; Hauptmann
Jan-2014Complex event recognition by latent temporal models of conceptsZare Borzeshi, E; Dehghan, A; Piccardi, M; Shah, M
2015Complex graph stream miningPan, S
Jan-2007Complex habitats may not always benefit prey: linking visual field with reef fish behavior and distributionRilov, G; Figueira, WF; Lyman, SJ; Crowder, L
1-Jan-2016COMPLEX HUMAN AUDITORY PERCEPTION AND SIMULATED SOUND PERFORMANCE PREDICTIONAlambeigi, P; Zhao, S; Burry, J; Qiu, X; Chien, SF; Choo, S; Schnabel, MA; Nakapan, W; Kim, MJ; Roudavski, S
1-Jan-2016Complex Human Auditory Perception And Simulated Sound Performance PredictionAlambeigi, P; Zhao, S; Burry, J; Qiu, X; Chien, SF; Choo, S; Schnabel, MA; Nakapan, W; Kim, MJ; Roudavski, S
Jan-2006Complex Infrastructure Projects: A systemic model for managementRemington, K; Pollack, JB; Attwater, R; Merson, J
Jan-2005A Complex Mechanism Determines Polarity of DNA Replication Fork Arrest by the Replication Terminator Complex of Bacillus subtilisDuggin, IG; Matthews, JM; Dixon, NE; Wake, RG; Mackay, JP
Jan-2011Complex Natural Resonances for Breast Tissues with Complex MorphologyYang, F; Sanagavarapu, AM; NA
Jan-2012Complex natural resonances of dielectric objects embedded in inhomogeneous breast modelsYang, F; Sanagavarapu, AM; NA
Jan-2011Complex Object Correspondence Construction in Two-Dimensional AnimationYu, J; Liu, D; Tao, D; Seah, H
Jan-2008Complex Projects: What are they and how can we manage them more effectively?Remington, K; Pollack, JB; Milner, S; Whitty, J; Darby, R; Tucker, R