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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Contamination of soil, leaves and vegetables by polychlorinated biphenyls in Xiamen region, ChinaMaskaoui, K; Zhou, JL; Han, YL; Hu, Z; Zheng, TL; Hong, HS
2009Contamination-free imaging by electron induced carbon volatilization in environmental scanning electron microscopyToth, M; Lobo, C; Lysaght, M; Vladar, A; Postek, M
Jan-2003Contamination-free preparation of geological samples for ultra-trace gold and platinum-group element analysisEvans, NJ; Davis, JJ; Byrne, JP; French, D
Jan-2013Contemplating in a dream-like room: The Virgin Suicides and the aesthetic imagination of girlhoodMonden, M
26-Mar-2016Contemplating in a dream-like room: The Virgin Suicides and the aesthetic imagination of girlhood (Russian Translation)Monden, M
2012Contemporary apocalyptics : crisis and revelation in the sphere of public imagination : case-studies in journalism and popular culture in a post-September 11 environmentO'Donnell, M
Jan-2012Contemporary art and mediatization in Brand PRDCartier, C; Sun, W; Chio, J
2001Contemporary breast-feeding policy and practice: implications for midwivesSchmied, V; Sheehan, A; Barclay, L
Jan-2001Contemporary Breastfeeding Policy and Practice: Implications for midwivesSchmied, V; Sheehan, A; Barclay, L
30-Nov-2016Contemporary Comment Serious Crime Prevention OrdersMethven, E; Carter, DJ
Jan-2007The Contemporary Commons: understanding competing property rightsBoydell, S; Searle, GH; Small, GR; Hamnett, S
2-Sep-2014The Contemporary English Language Biji , Post- Minford & TongDrayton, D
Jan-2004The contemporary Ethics of Property Price: Conclusions from the history of moral thought on property and priceSmall, GR; Yu, S
Jan-2010Contemporary Hybrid Painting: The Aesthetics of a Post-Medium Condition,Titmarsh, M; Baker, S; Thomas, P
Jan-2001Contemporary Issues in Australian Midwifery RegulationBrodie, PM; Barclay, L
2013Contemporary Site Investigations _ Reverse Projections _Expanded Architecture 2013Drake, CJ; Perren, C; Breen Lovett, S
2014Contemporary Stolen Generations: Human Rights Breaches Against Canadian First Nation's Children ChallengedLibesman, T; Sagade, J; Jivan, V; Forster, C
2007Contemporary tiger girls : women and enterprise in the People's Republic of China, 2003-2005Chen, M
20-Aug-2009Contemporary trends and issues in Australian leisure – planning implicationsVeal, T