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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Apr-2017The Cultural Afterlife of Criminal EvidenceBiber, K; Rafter, N; Brown, M
8-Jul-2015Cultural and Community Programs to Prevent the Increase of Criminality in Caracas' BarriosQuintana Vigiola, GM
1-Jun-2009Cultural and economic vitality the role of place quality.-
Jan-2006Cultural and requirement aspects on international ecommerceKang, K; Araujo, J; Arabnia, H
18-Jul-2015THE CULTURAL ANTECEDENTS OF SUCCESSFUL INNOVATIONBurdon, SW; Dovey, K; spender, JC; Schiuma, G; Albino, V
Jan-2011Cultural care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children in out of Home CareLibesman, T
2010Cultural care in nursing : a critical analysisSeaton, LP
19-Nov-2007Cultural Citizens in Cosmopolitan Communities: the making of Aboriginal citizens and the 1967 ReferendumNorman, H
19-Nov-2007Cultural Citizens in Cosmopolitan Communities: the making of Aboriginal citizens and the 1967 ReferendumWatson, N
19-Apr-2007Cultural Citizenship and Multicultural PoliticsHo, C
19-Apr-2007Cultural Citizenship and Multicultural PoliticsVanni, I
Jan-2006Cultural competency and nursing care an Australian perspectiveChenoweth, L; Jeon, Y; Goff, M; Burke, C
Jan-2004Cultural conflict in colonial legal systems: An Australian perspectiveBehrendt, LY
24-Mar-2015Cultural development and local government: analytical frames, insights and observationsLavarack, J; Ryan, R
Jan-2009Cultural differences in attitudes toward plagiarism in undergraduate business students: An empirical investigationRedfern, KA; Barnwell, NS; Beaumont, N
Jan-2003Cultural diversity and entrepreneurship: policy responses to immigrant entrepreneurs in AustraliaCollins, J
2016Cultural Diversity and the MediaVatsikopoulos, H
Jan-2007Cultural diversity in heart failure management: Findings from the Discover Study (Part 2)Davidson, PM; Macdonald, P; Moser, D; Ang, E; Paull, G; Choucair, S; Daly, J; Gholizadeh, L; Dracup, K
Jan-2008Cultural diversity in the social valuing of parklands: Networking communities and park managementWearing, SL; Goodall, H; Byrne, D; Kijas, J
Jan-2004Cultural encounters in the People's Republic of ChinaLjungdahl, L