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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003CONGO: Clustering on the Gene OntologyKennedy, PJ; Simoff, SJ; Simoff, SJ; Williams, GJ; Hegland, M
Jan-2005Congruent Facilitation of Simulations and GamesSpindler, LF; Leigh, EE; Shiratori, R; Arai, K; eds, FK
2015Conical beaming using simple arrays of uniform half-width microstrip leaky-wave antennasKarmokar, DK; Esselle, KP; Bird, TS; Hay, SG
Jan-2003Conical propagation of electromagnetic waves through an array of cylindrical inclusionsGuenneau, S; Poulton, CG; Movchan, AB
Jan-1997Conics which Characterize Certain Lucas SequencesMelham, R
Jan-2013Conjoint trust assessment for secure communication in cognitive radio networksParvin, S; Hussain, FK; Hussain, OK
2017Conjugate generalized linear mixed models with applicationsLee, Yan Liang (Jarod)
Jan-2011Connceptualization of a Context Aware Cloud Adaptation (CACA) FrameworkGill, AQ; Bunker, D; Chen, J; Dou, W; Liu, J; Yang, LT; Ma, J
25-Apr-2016The connected learning analytics toolkitKitto, K; Bakharia, A; Lupton, M; Mallet, D; Banks, J; Bruza, P; Pardo, A; Shum, SB; Dawsony, S; Gaševícy, D; Siemensg, G; Lynch, G
2011Connected Learning in an Australian Technology Program: A Case StudyHunter, JL
2013Connected Learning in an Australian Technology Program: A Case StudyHunter, JL
Jan-2011Connected Sketchbook: Linking Digital Files to Physical PagesWijnen, J; van den Hoven, E; Hooper, C; Martens, JB; Markopoulos, P
Jan-2010Connected substructure similarity searchShang, H; Lin, X; Zhang, Y; Yu, JX; Wang, W; NA
Jan-2009Connecting Communities and the Environment through Media: Doing, Saying and Seeing Along Traditional Knowledge Revival PathwaysStandley, P; Bidwell, N; George, T; Steffensen, V; Gothe, J
Jan-2010Connecting Disciplines and Tracing an Educated Imagination: Biennale of Sydney Pavilions Design Summer StudioFavaro, P; Manasseh, C; Forsyth Graham
Jan-2013Connecting Interdisciplinary Dots: Songbirds, 'white Rats' And Human ExceptionalismTaylor, HE
2017Connecting movement and emotion for childbirth preparation : an exploratory studyHandorf, Sabina Ilona
2007Connecting place, people and animals : an historical study of environmental and cultural change in the Snowy Mountains landscapeSearby, RE
Jan-2005Connecting Powertypes and stereotypesHenderson-Sellers, B; Gonzalez Perez, C
1-Dec-2016Connecting qualitative spatial and temporal representations by propositional closureLee, J; Wolter, D