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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Concept integration in the creative design processNagai, Yukari
Jan-2005Concept Learning and Nonmonotonic ReasoningGardenfors, P; Cohen, H; Lefebvre, C
25-Oct-2012Concept learning for ℰℒ<sup>++</sup>by refinement and reinforcementChitsaz, M; Wang, K; Blumenstein, M; Qi, G
1-Jan-2012Concept mapping: Understanding indigenous tourist accommodation businesses in IranHassanli, N; Brown, G; Gross, M
Jan-2008The Concept of Culture in Knowledge Management: Towards a Cohesion-oriented ViewHeizmann, H
2017The concept of evolutionary computing for robust surgical endoscope tracking and navigationWan, Ying
2-Jan-2017The Concept of Minority for the Study of CultureLaurie, T; Khan, R
Jan-2009The concept of opportunity cost: Is it simple, fundamental or necessary?O'Donnell, R
2018Concept of the Integrated Hydrological Ensemble Prediction System applied for the Nattai River Catchment, AustraliaSakal, A; Ball, J; van Kalken, T
28-Oct-2015Concept. Seeing the building through modelsNaar, LV; Clegg, S; Naar, L; Clegg, SR
Jun-2018Conceptions of Conflict in Organizational Conflict Research: Toward Critical ReflexivityMikkelsen, E; Clegg, SR
2003Conceptions of generic graduate attributes : a phenomenographic investigation of academics' understanding of generic graduate attributes in the context of contemporary university courses and teachingBarrie, SC
Jan-2004Conceptions of learning and understanding learning at workHager, P
1999Conceptions of teaching and learning instrumental and vocal music : a study of the ways musicians and their students experience the phenomenon of teaching and learning music at a tertiary levelReid, A
2017Conceptions of using social networking sites as a tool to facilitate learning : a phenomenographic study of university students' and faculty members' perspectivesChung, Yee Lin
2016Concepts not alone: Exploring pairwise relationships for zero-shot video activity recognitionYang, Y; Gan, C; Lin, M; de Molo, G; Hauptmann, AG
Jan-2009Concepts towards a novel integrated assessment methodology of urban water reuseListowski, A; Ngo, H; Guo, W; Vigneswaran, S; Palmer, CG
2013Concepts, Water And Reflections On PracticeSeevinck, J
Jan-2005Conceptual and Systematic Design Approach for XML Document WarehousesNassis, V; Rajagopalapillai, R; Dillon, TS; Rahayu, W
Jan-2010A Conceptual Approach against Next Generation Security Threats: Securing a High Speed Network Protocol - UDTBernardo, DV; Hoang, DB; Bernardo, DV; Hoang, PDB