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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Daily Interruption Of Sedation In Patients Receiving Mechanical VentilationWeisbrodt, L; McKinley, S; Marshall, A; Cole, L; Seppelt, I; Delaney, A
Jan-2014Daily Rainfall Disaggregation for a Monsoon Catchment in VietnamCu, P; Ball, JE; Organising Committee
28-Jun-2015Daily Rainfall Disaggregation For Flood EstimationBall, JE; Cu, PT
Jan-2006Daily, seasonal and annual patterns of transpiration from a stand of remnant vegetation dominated by a coniferous Callitris species and a broad-leaved Eucalyptus speciesZeppel, MJ; Yunusa, IA; Eamus, D
1-Jan-2014DAIM: a Mechanism to Distribute Control Functions within OpenFlow SwitchesBanjar, A; Pupatwibul, P; Braun, R
Jan-2006Damage Detection in a Timber BeamLi, J; Choi, F; Samali, B; Crews, KI; Forde, M
Jan-2011Damage evaluation of a repaired timber beam using modal-based methodSamali, B; Li, J; Crews, KI; Choi, F; Fragomeni, S; Venkatesan, S; Lam, NTK; Setunge, S
Jan-2007Damage Evaluation of a timber Beam Using a Modal-based MethodChoi, F; Li, J; Samali, B; Crews, KI; Moss, P; Dhakal, R
Jan-2008Damage Identification based on Modal Strain Energy utilising Nerual Network EnsemblesDackermann, U; Samali, B; Li, JL; Gad, E; Wong, B
Jan-2014Damage identification based on response-only measurements using cepstrum analysis and artificil neural networksDackermann, U; Smith, WA; Randall, RB
Jan-2011Damage Identification In Civil Engineering Structures Utilizing Pca-Compressed Residual Frequency Response Functions And Neural Network EnsemblesLi, J; Dackermann, U; Xu, YL; Samali, B
Jan-2009Damage Identification in Timber Bridges Utilising the Damage Index Method and Neural Network EnsemblesDackermann, U; Li, J; Samali, B
9-Dec-2014Damage identification of concrete arch beam utilising residual frequency response functionNguyen, VVN; Li, JL; Dackermann, UD; Mustapha, SM; Runcie, PR; Ye, LY; Smith, ST
Jan-2005Damage Identification of Timber Bridge Using Vibration Based MethodsLi, J; Samali, B; Choi, F; Dackermann, U; Leong, MS; Abdul Rahman, R; Zin, TC
Jan-2011Damage Identification on a Numerical Two-Storey Framed Structure using Ambient Vibration Response Analysis and Artificial Neural NetworksDackermann, U; Li, J; Samali, B; Law, S; Cheng, L; Xia, Y; SU, Z
Jan-2006Damage Localisation and Severity Evaluation of a Beam-like timber Structure based on modal strain energy and flexibility approachesLi, J; Choi, F; Samali, B; Crews, KI; Forde, M
2015Damage localization based on symbolic time series analysisMakki Alamdari, M; Samali, B; Li, J
Jan-2011Damage Severity Assessment of Timber Bridges using Frequency Response Functions (FRFs) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)Dackermann, U; Li, J; Samali, B; Choi, F; Crews, KI; Saporiti Machado, J; Palma, P; Lourenà o, PB
Jan-2011DAML: Domain Adaptation Metric LearningGeng, B; Tao, D; Xu, C
Jan-2011Damper windings in induction machines for reduction of unbalanced magnetic pull and bearing wearDorrell, DG; Shek, J; Mueller, MA; Hsieh, M; NA