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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Conditioning domestic chickens to a magnetic anomalyDenzau, S; Kuriakose, D; Freire, R; Munro, UH; Wiltschko, W
Sep-2007Conditioning film and initial biofilm formation on ceramics tiles in the marine environment.Siboni, N; Lidor, M; Kramarsky-Winter, E; Kushmaro, A
Oct-2009Conditioning film and initial biofilm formation on electrochemical CaCO3 deposition on a metallic net in the marine environment.Siboni, N; Martinez, S; Abelson, A; Sivan, A; Kushmaro, A
Jan-2008Conditions Affecting Perceived Coping for New Mothers: Analysis of a pilot study, Sydney, Australia.Currie, JL
Jan-2003Conditions for dominance of flotation in batch electrocoagulationHolt, PK; Barton, GW; Mitchell, CA; N/A
Jan-2007Conditions For Entanglement Transformation Between A Class Of Multipartite Pure States With Generalized Schmidt DecompositionsXin, Y; Duan, R
Jan-2009Conditions for triangular decoupling controlNguyen, HT; Su, SW
1-Sep-2009Conditions for triangular decoupling controlNguyen, HT; Su, SW
Dec-2016The conditions of practical action: Neoliberalism and sustainability in the Australian road construction industryWhite, C
Jan-2006Conditions on input disturbance suppression for multivariable nonlinear systems on the basisof feedforward passivitySu, SW; Bao, J; Lee, P
Jan-2003Conditions, Connections and Change: Reviewing Australian Architectural Theory 1880-2000Kaji-O'Grady, S; Lewis, J
18-Aug-2016The condom imperative in anal sex - one size may not fit all: A qualitative descriptive study of men who have sex with men (MSM).Neville, S; Adams, J; Moorley, C; Jackson, D
Jan-2011Condom Negotiation: Experiences Of Sexually Active Young WomenEast, L; Jackson, DE; O'Brien, L; Peters, K
Jan-2012Conduct of Laws: Native Title, Responsibility, and Some Limits of Jurisdictional ThinkingDorsett, SG; McVeigh, S
Jan-2001Conduct Unbecoming: the dilemma of a school's responsibility in respect of teacher misconduct towards pupilsVarnham, S
Jan-2004Conductance of photons and Anderson localization of lightAsatryan, AA; Botten, LC; McPhedran, RC; de Sterke, CM; Langtry, T; Nicorovici, NA; NA
2005Conductance of photons in disordered photonic crystalsAsatryan, A; Botten, L; Byrne, M; Nicorovici, N; McPhedran, R; De Sterke, C; Robinson, P; Langtry, T
Jan-2008Conducting Discrete Choice Experiments to Inform Healthcare Decision MakingLancsar, E; Louviere, JJ
Jan-2013Conducting International Authority: Hammarskjold, the Great Powers and the Suez CrisisPeevers, CE
Jan-2013Conducting polymer-doped polyprrrole as an effective cathode catalyst for Li-O2 batteriesZhang, J; Sun, B; Ahn, H; Wang, C; Wang, G