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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Discriminative prototype selection methods for graph embeddingZare Borzeshi, E; Piccardi, M; Riesen, K; Bunke, H
Jan-2009Discrminative Geometry Preserving ProjectionsSong, D; Tao, D; NA
Jan-2013The discursive (re)positioning of older workers in Australian recruitment policy reform: An exemplary analysis of written and visual narrativesJohnson, G; Billett, S; Dymock, D; Martin, G
Jan-2006Discussing Intellectual Property Rights: Geographical IndicationsAyu, MR
Jan-2013Discussion of `Beyond mean regression'Green, PJ
Jan-2005A discussion of current and future issues relating to the use of forensic DNA evidenceWalsh, SJ
3-Apr-2014Discussion on “Sequential Estimation for Time Series Models” by T. N. Sriram and Ross IaciNovikov, A; Shiryaev, AN
Jan-2004Discussion paper: A new distributed infrastructure and services marketBerry, T; Campbell, S; Riedy, C; White, S
Jan-2012Disease gene identification by random walk on multigraphs merging heterogeneous genomic and phenotype dataLi, Y; Li, J
Jan-2012Disease management interventions for improving self-management in lower-limb peripheral arterial disease (Protocol)Inglis, S; Du, H; Newton, PJ; DiGiacomo, M; Omari, A; Davidson, PM
Jan-2011Disease prevention, health care, and economicsHall, JP; Glied, S; Smith, PC
Jan-2009Disembodied LandscapesVeronesi, F; Gemeinboeck, P
Jan-2011Disenfranchisement of countries and civil society at COP-15 in CopenhagenMcGregor, IM
Jan-2009Disentangling the complex association between female genital cutting and HIV among Kenyan womenMaslovskaya, O; Brown, JJ; Padmadas, S
Jan-2013Diseño participativo para la inclusion digital: El caso de los aborígenes australianosGrant, S; Dyson, LE; Robertson, TJ; Paz, L; Malumian, V
Jan-2008A Dish-rack Full of Crockery': Social Significance and the Sydney Opera HouseGarduno Freeman, C; Beynon, D; De Jong, U
Jan-2009'Dishing the dirt': Gossiping in organizationsClegg, SR; Iterson, A
Jan-2007Disillusion, dilemma and direction: the role of the university in property researchBoydell, S
Jan-2011Disintermediation of traditional chemical intermediary roles in the Electronic Business-to-Business (e-B2B) exchange worldTay, K; Chelliah, J
30-Apr-2014Disintermediation-Activity Matrix: A Framework for Adoption in the Chemical Industry.Tay, KB; Chelliah, J