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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Convergent interviewing: A qualitative diagnostic technique for researchersJepsen, DM; Rodwell, JJ
Jan-2003Convergent synthesis of alkynylbis(bidentate phosphine)ruthenium dendrimersMcDonagh, AM; Powell, CE; Morrall, JP; Cifuentes, MP; Humphrey, MG
Jan-2001Converging modalities for distance educationSaunderS, SD; Archee, R
Jan-2013A Conversation about Collaborative Practice by MAKE.SHIFT ConceptsSgro, DM; Chant, A; Solente, OG
Jan-2012A conversation about practice development and knowledge translation as mechanisms to align the academic and clinical contexts for the advancement of nursing practice.Walsh, K; Kitson, A; Cross, W; Thoms, D; Thornton, A; Moss, C; Campbell, S; Graham, I
Jan-2006Conversation: From description to pedagogyThornbury, S; Slade, DM
Jan-2010A conversational framework for emergent collaborative storytellingHills, DL; Committee, TP
Jan-2012Conversational Interaction in Interactive Dance WorksJohnston, AJ; McLean Alex
Jan-2004The Conversational Turn and the Conservative RevisionistsGillen, PA; Carter, D
1-Apr-2011Conversations from the Wonder Chamber: Jesse Adams Stein in conversation with Matthew ConnellStein, JA; Dean, B; Muller, L
Jan-2012Conversations with(in) the collective unconscious by consumers, brands, and relevant othersWoodside, A; Megehee, CM; Sood, SC
1-Mar-2017Converse bounds for private communication over quantum channelsWilde, MM; Tomamichel, M; Berta, M
Jan-2010Conversion and conservation of light energy in a photosynthetic microbial mat ecosystemAl-Najjar, MA; de Beer, D; Jorgensen, BB; Kuhl, M; Polerecky, L
2011Conversion of coral sand to calcium phosphate as a drug delivery system for bone regenerationChou, JS
Jan-2007Conversion of coral sand to calcium phosphate for biomedical applicationsChou, J; Ben-Nissan, B; Choi, AH; Wuhrer, R; Green, D
Jan-2017Conversion of gestational diabetes mellitus to future Type 2 diabetes mellitus and the predictive value of HbA1c in an Indian cohort.Gupta, Y; Kapoor, D; Desai, A; Praveen, D; Joshi, R; Rozati, R; Bhatla, N; Prabhakaran, D; Reddy, P; Patel, A; Tandon, N
1-Jan-2015Conversion of ostrich eggshells (Struthio camelus) to calcium phosphatesMacha, IJ; Ozyegin, LS; Oktar, FN; Ben-Nissan, B
Jan-2010The conversion of social capital into community development: an intervention in Australia's outbackOnyx, J; Leonard, R
Jan-2010Converting Australian tropical rainforest to native Araucariaceae plantations alters soil fungal communitiesCurlevski, NJ; Xu, Z; Anderson, IC; Cairney, JW
Jan-2006Converting construction costs to a common currency base: an unresolved problemBest, RA; Langston, CA; Pietroforte, R; Angelis, E; Polverion, F