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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2009Demonstrating Value and Impact in the Social Economy Audience PollKernot, C
15-Jun-2009Demonstrating Value and Impact in the Social Economy Question and Answer SessionKernot, C; Zappala, G; Gordon, J; Green, R; Canning, K; Robbie, K; Davis, K; Darlison, L; Grant, J; Lyons, M; McConville, K
Jan-2011Demonstration And Interpretation Of Significant Asymmetry In The Low-Resolution And High-Resolution Q(Y) Fluorescence And Absorption Spectra Of Bacteriochlorophyll ARatsep, M; Cai, Z; Reimers, JR; Freiberg, A
1-Jun-2015Demonstration of a portable HTS MMIC microwave receiver front-endDu, J; Wang, J; Zhang, T; Bai, D; Guo, YJ; He, Y
Jan-2007Demonstration of innovative community based water cycle management system. Stage 1: sustainability screening and evaluationMitchell, CA; Cordell, DJ
May-2011Demonstration of true-color high-contrast microorganism imaging for terbium bioprobes.Jin, D
Jan-2004The Demutualisation of the Australian Stock Exchange: Causes and ConsequencesCowan, T; Da Silva Rosa, R; Walter, TS
Jan-2011Demystifying Phds: A Review Of Doctorate Programs Designed To Fulfil The Needs Of The Next Generation Of Nursing ProfessionalsCleary, M; Hunt, GE; Jackson, DE
Jan-2008Demystifying Thermodynamics by connecting it with MechanicsDartnall, WJ; Reizes, J; Anstis, G; NA
Jan-2011Denial-of-Service Attack Detection Based on Multivariate Correlation AnalysisTan, T; Jamdagni, A; He, S; Nanda, P; Liu, R; Lu, BL; Zhang, L; Kwok, J
Jan-2015Denitrification by cystic fibrosis pathogens - Stenotrophomonas maltophilia is dormant in sputumKolpen, M; Kragh, KN; Bjarnsholt, T; Line, L; Hansen, CR; Dalboge, CS; Hansen, N; Kuhl, M; Hoiby, N; Jensen, PO
Jan-2006Denitrification measurements of sediments using cores and chambersMacreadie, PI; Ross, DJ; Longmore, AR; Keough, MJ
Jan-2007Dense 3D Map Construction for Indoor Search and RescueEllekilde, L; Huang, S; Valls Miro, J; Dissanayake, G
2014Dense feature correspondence for video-based endoscope three-dimensional motion trackingWan, Y; Wu, Q; He, XS
10-Mar-2016Density approach: A new model for BigData analysis and visualizationZhang, J; Huang, ML
Jan-2013Density estimation and nonparametric inferences using maximum likelihood weighted kernelsHuang, A
Jan-2004Density of states functions for photonic crystalsMcPhedran, RC; Botten, LC; McOrist, J; Asatryan, AA; de Sterke, CM; Nicorovici, NA
Jan-2006Density, habitat use and behaviour of the weedy seadragon Phyllopteryx taeniolatus (Teleostei Syngnathidae) around Sydney, New SouthWales, AustraliaSanchez-Camara, J; Booth, DJ; Murdoch, J; Watts, D; Turon, X
Jan-2003Density- and size-dependent mortality of a settling coral-reef damselfish (Pomacentrus moluccensis Bleeker)Brunton, BJ; Booth, DJ
Jan-2012Density-dependent facilitation cascades determine epifaunal community structure in temperate Australian mangrovesBishop, M; Byers, JE; Marcek, BJ; Gribben, PE