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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Convex and Scalable Weakly Labeled SVMsLi, Y; Tsang, I; Kwok, JT; Zhou, Z
1-Jan-2014A Convex Formulation for Semi-supervised Multi-Label Feature SelectionChang; Nie; Yang, Y; Huang
1-Jun-2015A Convex Formulation for Spectral Shrunk ClusteringChang, XJ; Nie, FP; Ma, ZG; Yang, Y; Zhou, XF
1-Jan-2012Convex Matching Pursuit for Large-scale Sparse Coding and Subset SelectionTan, M; Tsang, W; Wang, L; Zhang, X; Homann, J; Selman, B
1-Jan-2009A Convex Method for Locating Regions of Interest with Multi-Instance LearningLi, Y-F; Kwok, J; Tsang, W; Zhou, Z-H; Buntine, W; Grobelnik, M; Shawe-Taylor, J
Jan-2012A convex optimization based approach for pose only SLAM problemsLiu, M; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G; Wang, H; Nancy, A
Jan-2012Convex solutions of RCC8 networksSchockaert, S; Li, S; Raedt, D; L; al, E
Aug-2016Convex Sparse PCA for Unsupervised Feature LearningChang, X; Nie, F; Yang, Y; Zhang, C; Huang, H
Jan-2009Conveying Caring: Nurse Attributes To Avert Violence In The EDLuck, L; Jackson, DE; Usher, K
Jan-2009A Convolution Universal Generating Function Method For Evaluating The Symbolic One-To-All-Target-Subset Reliability Function Of Acyclic Multi-State Information NetworksYeh, W
Jan-2013Convolutional Perfectly Matched Layer ABC for 3-D LOD-FDTD Using Fundamental SchemeRana, M; Sanagavarapu, AM
Jan-2011Cooking makes cadmium contained in Chilean mussels less bioaccessible to humansHoulbreque, F; Herve-Fernandez, P; Teyssie, J; Oberhaensli, F; Boisson, F; Jeffree, R
Jan-2013Cooking up a storm: politics, labour and bodiesSwan, E
Jan-2007Cooling by free convection at high Rayleigh number of cylinders positioned above a planeHuynh, P; Jacobs, PEA
Jan-2013Cooling coil design improvement for HVAC energy savings and comfort enhancementVakiloroaya, V; Madadnia, J; Håkansson, A; Höjer, M; Howlett, RJ; Jain, LC
Jan-2012'Cooling out' victims of crime: Managing victim participation in the sentencing process in a superior sentencing courtBooth, T
Jan-2013Coomassie blue staining for high sensitivity gel-based proteomicsGauci, V; Padula, M; Coorssen, J
Feb-2013Cooperation between β- and γ-cytoplasmic actins in the mechanical regulation of endothelial microparticle formation.Latham, SL; Chaponnier, C; Dugina, V; Couraud, P-O; Grau, GER; Combes, V
Jan-1992Cooperation Under Uncertainty In Distributed Expert SystemsZhang, C