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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008The development of a BIM based building measurement learning toolBest, RA; NA
Jan-2012Development of a Chinese medicine pattern severity index for understanding eating disordersFogarty, S; Harris, D; Zaslawski, CJ; McAinch, AJ; Stojanovska, L
Jan-2009Development of a Claw Pole Permanent Magnet Motor with a Molded Low-Density Soft Magnetic Composite Stator CoreGuo, Y; Zhu, J; Dorrell, DG; Lu, H; Wang, Y; Sebastian, T
Jan-2005Development of a Claw Pole Permanent Magnet Motor with Soft Magnetic Composite CoreGuo, Y; Zhu, J; Watterson, PA; Wu, W
2015The development of a clinical reflective practice model for paediatric nursing specialist students in Indonesia using an action research approachWanda, Dessie
Jan-2010Development of a clinician-led research agenda for general practice nursesHalcomb, E; Hickman, L
Jan-2005Development of a clunk simulation model for a rear wheel drive vehicle with automotive transmissionCrowther, AR; Zhang, N; Singh, R; The Society of Automotive Engineers, USA
2009The development of a commercial fiduciary jurisprudence in the High Court of Australia : 1903 to 2009McManus, WH
2014Development of a comprehensive decision making framework for power projects in New South Wales (NSW)Topal, A
Jan-2011Development of a computerised antithrombotic risk assessment tool (CARAT) to optimise therapy in older persons with atrial fibrillationBajorek, B; Masood, N; Krass, I
Jan-2012Development Of A Computerised Antithrombotic Risk Assessment Tool (Carat) To Optimise Therapy In Older Persons With Atrial FibrillationBajorek, B; Masood, N; Krass, I
2006Development of a Confined Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) System Using Engineered SoilsDunphy, A; Beecham, S; Vigneswaran, S; McLaughlan, R; Collins, A; Ngo, HH; Deletic, A; Fletcher, T.
Jan-2007Development of a Confined Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) System Using Engineered SoilsDunphy, AJ; Beecham, SC; Vigneswaran, S; Ngo, H; McLaughlan, RG; Collins, AP
Jan-2007Development of a Cryptosporidium oocyst assay using an automated fiber optic-based biosensorKramer, MF; Vesey, G; Look, NL; Herbert, BR; Simpson-Stroot, JM; Lim, DV
2016Development of a Disposable Label-Free Impedance Immunosensor for Direct and Sensitive Clenbuterol Determination in PorkWei, L; Liu, L; Kang, H; Liu, S; Wang, G; Hu, X; Wang, C
12-Jan-2015Development of a fast isocratic LC-MS/MS method for the high-throughput analysis of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in Australian honey.Griffin, CT; Mitrovic, SM; Danaher, M; Furey, A
Jan-2001Development of a Flow Cytometry-Based Algal Bioassays for Assessing Toxicity of Copper in Natural WatersFranklin, NM; Stauber, JL; Lim, RP
Jan-2009Development of a Four-Axis Actively Controlled Consequent-Pole-Type Bearingless MotorAsano, Y; Mizuguchi, A; Asama, J; Chiba, A; Ooshima, M; Takemoto, M; Amada, M; Fukao, T; Ichikawa, O; Dorrell, DG
Jan-2007Development of a framework for quantifying the environmental impacts of urban development and construction practicesLi, K; Zhang, P; Crittenden, J; Guhathakurta, S; Chen, Y; Fernando, H; Sawhney, A; McCartney, P; Grimm, N; Kahhat, R; Joshi, H; Konjevod, G; Choi, Y; Fonseca, E; Allenby, B; Gerrity, D; Torrens, P
Jan-2007The development of a fuzzy multi-objective group decision support systemWu, F; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Ruan, D; NO